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Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin

Heptapolis’ Green Energy Solutions mission is to commercially apply and financially exploit newly established green innovative energy patents that will secure cheap energy for the user and will offer solutions to the world’s current environmental challenges.

These newly established patents are connected to the energy production without the use of fossil fuels, and to the production of high quality green energy products that offer enormous energy savings through their innovative design.

Also H.G.E.S. is developing and participating in various groundbreaking projects and patents like the Heptapolis Avatar E-Learning center, a project which aims to revolutionize the education system globally, through it’s anthropocentric and humanitarian nature.

The financing required for the setting up of our factory and the initial operating costs of is planned to be covered by the issue of our Cryptocurrency, the HHEC token (Heptapolis Humanitarian Energy Coin)

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Dates: TBA
Country: Greece
Token info
Ticker: HHEC
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 650,000,000 HHEC (65%)
ICO Price: 1 HHEC = 0.10 EUR
Accepting: BTC, ETH , Fiat
Soft cap: 10,000,000 EUR
Hard cap: 100,000,000 EUR

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July 2017
The idea of the HHEC “was born in the early of 2017. ” And public registration was in July 2017.
May 1, 2018
Pre ICO.
Start 20th June 2018 End 18th Sep 2018
Factory and

20k Climate Stystems.
Start 1st Nov 2018 End 1st Feb 2019
Start 1st March 2019 End 30th May 2019
Autonomus Lighting Systems.
Start 1st July 2019 End 30th Sep 2019
Autonomus Power Generators.
Screenshots taken 18 Jun 2018
Christos Fotiou
Founder & Executive Director at Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd
Alexis Kyprianou
Co-Founder & Head of Operations and Marketing at Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd
Demetris Rousos
Head of Design & Social Media at Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd
Panayiotis Raspopoulos
Business Coordinator at Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd
Maxim Vasilkov
Software Engineer at Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd & Founder at Vasilkoff CY Ltd
Aleksei Zukovski
Technical Manager at Heptapolis Green Energy Solutions Ltd & Project Manager at Vasilkoff CY Ltd
Christos Savvides
Member of the Board at Savvides Audit Ltd
Sergios Charalambous
CEO and Founder at SoftwareCy
Antonis Antoniou
Marketer, ACIM at SoftwareCy
Pavlos Pissanos
President of the Board of Directors at Olympos Universal Intellectual center
Baron Tony Hatzidimiriou Breidel
Dean of the Board of Directors at Olympos Universal Intellectual center
Stanley Sfekas
Treasurer of the Board of Directors at Olympos Universal Intellectual center
Dimitrios Angelopoulos
Vice president of the Board of Directors at Olympos Universal Intellectual center
Evangelia Daniel
General Secretary of the Board of Directors at Olympos Universal Intellectual center
Dimitrios Lagos
Member of the Board of Directors at Olympos Universal Intellectual center
Andreas Kabizionis
Member of the Board of Directors at Olympos Universal Intellectual center - United States Representative
Stefanos Vogazianos-Roy
Member of the Board of Directors at Olympos Universal Intellectual center - Management and Coordination of AVATAR e-Learning
Georgios Politis
Member of the Board of Directors & General Manager at Olympos Universal Intellectual center
Michael-Thalis Poulantzas
Member of the Board of Directors & Vice Rector at Olympos Universal Intellectual center of AVATAR e-Learning
Evangelos Moutsopoulos
Member of the Board of Directors at Olympos Universal Intellectual center & Rector of AVATAR e-Learning
Emmanouil Mikrogiannakis
Member of Olympos Universal Intellectual center

Advisors (4)

George Theocharous
Managing Director at Europe Private Wealth
Apostolos Katsaras
Director at Europe Private Wealth
Charalambos Herodotou
Director at Europe Private Wealth
Demetris Andreou
Head of accounting at Europe Private Wealth
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