BTC $ 13,056.33 1.66781%
ETH $ 418.35 5.26512%
MARKET CAP $ -100%
ICOs 6,293


ICO Ended
GOLDEA unlocks the gold mining potential and democratize investing in gold mining with higher standards in terms of transparency and voting feature of each investor. GOLDEA solves the problem with the Ethereum based blockchain project, geared towards creating a modern platform which consists of developers and investors aiming to realize the gold mining projects together. GOLDEA offers GEA token, which value will reflect a generated profit of the company over time, at the discount rate, as an option available to anyone worldwide to invest into exploitation of the gold deposits by eliminating intermediary costs, formal barriers, technical obstacles, and personal disclosure.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 01 Dec 2017 - 31 Mar 2018
Country: Serbia
Token info
Ticker: GEA
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 2,310,000 GEA (77%)
ICO Price: 1 GEA = 12-21 USD
2015 - 2017
Resource exploration

Team building

Independent analyses

Identifying key contractors
Q2 2017
Blockchain idea

Whitepaper development

ICO consulting
September 2017
Pre-ICO crowdfunding

Marketing campaign
October 2017
Development of smart contracts
November 2017
Jurisdiction setup
December 2017
ICO crowdfunding

Token distribution

Listing token on crypto exchange

Token buyback from the early birds
Q1 2018
Infrastructure works

Gold plant construction
Q3 2018
Gold exploitation
Q4 2018
Token buyback from the market (optional)
Q1 2019
Development of new exploitation block
Q3 2019
New block final preparation works
Q1 2019
Expansion of exploitation capacities
Last screenshot taken on 18 Mar 2020
Goldea ICO
Screenshots taken on 6 Feb 2018
Draško Jocić
Founder and CEO
No participating data
Uroš Herlec
Main Geologist
No participating data
Vital Dittrich
Mine Engineer
No participating data
Nadiorou Dabo
Country Manager
No participating data
Anthony Ashley
Chief of Mining Operations
No participating data
Alexandr Grebennikov
Financial Analyst
No participating data
Vyacheslav Permyakov
Crypto Trader & Analyst
No participating data
Dmitry Lukin
Head of Marketing
No participating data
Dmitry Tarabrin
Legal Analyst
No participating data
Tatevik Alexanyan
Account Manager
No participating data
Artem Ibragimov
Community Manager
No participating data
Svetlana Litvinova
Art Director
No participating data
Pierre Polikarpov
Executive Partner
No participating data
Liza Uvarova
Event Manager
No participating data
Ivan Tresenov
No participating data

Advisors (3)

Maksim Haritonov
CEO of Haritonov Capital
No participating data
Artur Lipatov
No participating data
Sergey Belov
No participating data
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