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ETH $ 180.62 -2.94909%
MARKET CAP $ 232 bln -2.39%
ICOs 5,553


ICO Ended
Your tokenized currency basket.
Easy, fast, secure: the gateway to a global currency for a global village.
The Platform will enable the launch of customised currency baskets for a variety of uses. Currency baskets are portfolios of selected currencies with different weightings.

(weight: 45%)


(weight: 35%)


(weight: 20%)

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
ICO Time: 12 Feb 2018 - 27 Mar 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: Switzerland
Token info
Ticker: GCP
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 204,000,000 GCP (40%)
Total supply: 510,000,000 GCP
ICO Price: 10,000 GCP = 1 ETH
Accepting: ETH
Hard cap: 12,000 ETH
Bonuses: Up to 30%
Publication of the Rulebook for a basket of currencies representing the World Global Economy.
Reserve Currency Solutions RCS SA based in Zug (Switzerland) is created.
Launch of Globcoin multicurrency prepaid Mastercard.
Partnership with Blockchain Partners.
Publication of the crowdsale smart contracts.
Globcoin Crypto Platform Pre-Sale.
End of GCP Pre-Sale.
Start of GCP Sale.
Conclusion of the GCP Token Sale.
Issuance of GCP starts.
Spring 2018
GCP quoted on various exchanges.

Globcoin Crypto Platform launch: regulatory framework, banks arrangements & auditors announced, IT back-end completed.

GLX token smart contract launched.
Summer 2018
First Partnerships Announced.

GLX quoted on exchanges (subject to regulations).
Autumn 2018
GLX available on the e-wallets of the Globcoin card.

New Partnerships Announced.

P2P transfers in Globcoin, the most stable crypto-currency in the world.
Opening branches in Asia, Eastern Europe and South Africa to expand global footprint for GLX and the Globcoin card.
Screenshots taken 10 Feb 2018
Jean-Marc Seigneur
Trust and Reputation lead
Participates in several projects
Arnaud Breavoine
Web, UX/IX Designer
Participates in a number of projects
Kevin Falhon
Head of video production
Takes part in this project only
Bertrand Weisgerber
Participates in a number of projects
Helie d'Hautefort
Co-Founder & CEO
Takes part in this project only
Felix Velay
Participates in several projects
Linda Leaney
Takes part in this project only
Gaspard d'Hautefeuille
Lead Developer
Takes part in this project only
Evaly Contreras
Community Manager
Takes part in this project only
Stephanie Aufan
Partner Relationships
Takes part in this project only
Nathalie Neto
Digital Marketing
Takes part in this project only
Xavier de Villoutreys
Senior Portfolio Manager & Trader
Takes part in this project only

Advisors (6)

Giuseppe Ballocchi
Takes part in this project only
David Drake
Participates in a number of projects
William Mougayar
Participates in a number of projects
Anuj Khanna
Participates in a number of projects
Heiner Hartwich
Takes part in this project only
Kevin Tholke
Takes part in this project only
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