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ICO Ended
GLEDOS (Global Education Solution) is a blockchain-based answer to a raising demand for a tailor-made and relevant on-demand education for the modern age. The platform provides a single-place-to-learn solution with education pathways, recommended by the leading AI algorithms.

GLEDOS is a platform for content providers to publish their online lectures. GLEDOS’s main differentiating quality is derived from the interactive exchange of information between students and businesses, smart contracts, and built-in artificial intelligence engine to help navigate the students’ learning pathway.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
ICO Time: 06 Sept 2018 - 06 Oct 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: Slovenia
Token info
Ticker: GLX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 108,000,000 GLX (60%)
ICO Price: 1 GLX = 0.20 USD
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 3,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 18,500,000 USD
September 2018
Application Development Phase 1 Starts.
March 2019
Testing and Optimization.
June 2019
Go Live Beta.
September 2019
Go Live Global Rollout.

March 2020
Application Development Phase 2 Starts.
September 2020
Go Live Phase 2.
Screenshots taken 16 May 2018
Bostjan Koritnik
Tomaz Valjavec
Vanja Cas
Strategic Marketing Advisor
Domen Romih
CFO, Head of Legal
Nina Pfifer
Investor Relations Manager
Janez Zemljak
Community Lead, Student and Content Management
Drazen Bajcer
Head of Development
Rok Sprogar
Web and Blockchain Development Lead
Nejc Romih
Head of Design
Dean Zagorac
Chief Content Strategist
Ajas Midzan
Student Affairs Advisor
Tjasa Slatic
Student Liaison
Kristjan Brozovic
Student Liaison
Aljaz Petek
Student Liaison
Vesna Teichmeister Mujanovic
Tenders & Public Calls Manager
Neva Ulcar
Student Liaison
Mitja Jermol
UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for Open Educational Resources
Inna Novalija
Artificial Intelligence Developer
Marko Grobelnik
AI Digital Champion of Slovenia at European Commision, AI expert
Erik Novak
Artificial Intelligence Developer
Marko Milos
Managing Director at Undabot
Mario Durasin
CTO at Undabot
Dejan Tosic
COO at Undabot
Ivan Milicevic
Project Manager at Undabot
Ian Rumac
Software Architect at Undabot
Sinisa Cvahte
UX/UI Designer at Undabot
Dora Surija
UX/UI Designer at Trikoder
Davor Eric
Senior Software Engineer at Undabot
Branimir Durek
Software Engineer at Undabot

Advisors (4)

Anthony Camilleri
Policy Advisor
Peter Merc
Business advisor
Aljaz Jadek
Legal Advisor
Bostjan Antoncic
Business Development Advisor
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ICO List
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We are a team of professionals that has been operating in the IT and data center sectors for over 20 years, active on the European territory with various proven and successful experiences in digital technologies and data centers. We have been interested in the world of cryptocurrencies since some time and we believe that it will soon play an interesting – if not vital – role for the development of similar realities.
BlooCYS will be an expert place platform that facilitates hiring professionals for consultancy services using real-time video and blockchain technology. Using blockchain technology, BlooCYS will unite consumers and experts into a decentralised, open and fair network that anybody can use without going through any intermediaries. Customers will be able to find genuine, reliable experts at their fingertips, while experts and professionals can enjoy greater work autonomy and earn additional income. We will also use blockchain innovation to verify user ID and validate any skills or experience claims provided by experts and professionals. This is to prevent fraud and ensure an excellent consumer experience, which will ultimately build trust and credibility in the platform. The smart contracts technology and BlooCYS platform token (CYS Tokens) that underlies the platform will provide an automated and transparent system for investment and profit distribution.