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Gerino Token

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GNC Token is a revolutionary new utility token that is revolutionizing the way traders and investors conduct their business. With GNC Token, professional traders can offer their services and trading models to a wide range of investors, while investors can access these services with the assurance of knowing they are dealing with reputable and reliable traders.

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ICO Time: 10 Jan 2023 - 10 Sept 2023
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Token info
Ticker: GNC
Platform: Binance Chain
Total supply: 600,000,000.00 GNC
End Date
Max. Participants
β‰ˆ 500 GNC
β‰ˆ 50 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Attention, crypto enthusiasts! Get ready to participate in the highly anticipated Gerino Airdrop contest, featuring a massive prize pool of $500,000 worth of $GNC tokens up for grabs!

Each participant will have the exciting chance to claim a generous Airdrop value of $50. Act swiftly as spots are limited to just 10,000 participants. Don't let this incredible opportunity slip away!

About Gerino

Gerino is a game-changer in the world of crypto trading, revolutionizing the industry with its pioneering trading protocol and groundbreaking zero-loss feature. It guarantees that traders will never experience losses in their algorithmic trades, ensuring the return on the initial investment no matter the market conditions.

The Gerino token ($GNC) is an innovative rebase token with an integrated burning mechanism, promoting scarcity and value appreciation. The Gerino ICO is currently live!


1. Visit the Gerino Airdrop Gleam page and log in:

2. Follow @Gerino_coin on Twitter:

3. Join the Telegram Channel & Discord community:

4. Create a Gerinocoin Account and share your referral link to earn a 10% bonus in the Gerino ICO:

5. Submit your BEP-20 wallet address.


Twitter Account
Discord Account
Q2 2021
Concept, Design & Research
Q3 2021
Analysis oftraditional copy trading platforms.
Q4 2021
Foreign Reasearch
Foreign research Growth projections.
Q1 2022
Team formation.
Q2 2022
Promotional Meetup
Held a meet-up with 60+ private crypto currency traders and investors.
Clearly visible demand for a p2p asset platform with mirror-trading functionality
Q3-Q4 2022
Development & Design
Landing page and white paper disclosed
Pre-ICO begins for a limited number of contributors
Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning
Prototype version of the platform released.
Q1-Q3 2023
Public ICO
Public ICO begin.
Phase 1st TO Phase 8th
Q4 2023
Further front-end and backend development
API testing.
Test mirror-trades executed.
Latency test.
Liquidity aggregator setup.
Latency test.
Liquidity aggregator setup.
Lisitng on big echanges like Binance, Kucoin , , Huobi Global, p2p b2b listing of GNCToken.
Beta version launch.
Q1 2024
Updates & Development
Platform improvements.
Mobile App development.
Final (Production) Beta version of GERINO Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.
DLT license.
Q2 2024
Release & Future work
Official platform release
Gerino Platform will grow with more then 500,000 active users
$500M USD + Combined
Start Algorithmic trading and arbitrage.
Bots will be available on the platform.
User acquisition globally
Alok pandey
Takes part in this project only
Yogesh borad
IT administrator
Takes part in this project only
Ankit Sharma
Participates in a number of projects

Advisors (1)

RB Patel
crypto advisory
Takes part in this project only
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