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FORZA™ is a new crypto spreading on BSC! With its stunning design its aim is to be one of the most recognized crypto in the world, creating the best community that likes cool things! We are planning stickers, t-shirts, other merchandise and a FORZA based shop where you can buy these cool things! Furthermore, NFTs are comings, and you don't wanna miss them!

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 05 Mar 2022 - TBA
Token info
Ticker: FORZA
Platform: Binance Chain
Token Type: BEP-20
Total supply: 0.00 FORZA
2022 Launch

FORZA is Live​
Launch Socials (Telegram, Twitter, Instagram)
Launch Website
Release Whitepaper
Starting our community
Whitelist Application
Starting Strong
List on Pancake Swap
Apply for Coin Market Cap, CoinGecko and other Listings
Contract Audit
Coin Airdrops on Socials
Marketing Activities
Telegram Stickers
Sponsored ADs on Social Media
Sponsored ADs on specific websites
#FORZACOIN trending
Continuous Marketing
Continuous Marketing Push
Coin Airdrops on Socials
Marketing Activities
Sponsored ADs on Social Media
Sponsored ADs on specific websites
+5k Telegram followers
+5k Twitter followers
Collaborations with Influencers
Community Giveaways with Stickers & more
#FORZACOIN keeps trending
Continuous Push and update
Continuous Marketing Push
Continuous Coin Airdrops on Socials
Continuous Marketing Activities
+15k Telegram followers
+10k Twitter followers
Sponsored ADs on Social Media
Official Swap, NFT, Shop & more
Official FORZA Swap
#1 Official FORZA NFT Collection
Official FORZA Shop
Continuous Marketing Push
Continuous Coin Airdrops on Socials
Continuous Marketing Activities
Sponsored ADs on Social Media
+30k Telegram followers
+25k Twitter followers
Discussing further plans with our Community
End of 2022
Huge Giveaway
We will organize a huge giveaway for some of our MOST LOYAL Supporters
2023 Listing
List on Listing
List on Listing
List on
Continuous Push and update
Discussing further plans with our community
Continuous Marketing Push
Continuous Coin Airdrops on Socials
Continuous Marketing Activities
Sponsored ADs on Social Media
coming soon
FORZA™ NFT Platform
We are working on a New Official FORZA™ NFT Platform. You will be able to Upload / Sell / Buy NFTs by using FORZA™ Coins.
coming soon
Once we will reach all the previous goals, we will let you know more informations about this one.
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