BTC $ 51,080.46 7.25651%
ETH $ 1,669.3 6.75733%
MARKET CAP $ 1568 bln 5.83%
ICOs 6,530


ICO Ended
FinxFlo (FXF) is a global crypto brokerage designed to help traders access the best prices with an unparalleled level of efficiency. By aggregating offers from the world’s leading exchanges, FXF helps to eliminate market distortions and achieve the optimum buy or sell price for all orders. Users can take full advantage of the access to multiple exchanges with just one account, one wallet and one KYC process.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 01 July 2020 - 14 July 2020
ICO Time: 15 July 2020 - 15 Jan 2021
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Country: Singapore
Token info
Ticker: FXF
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
Available for sale: 300,000,000 FXF (50%)
Total supply: 600,000,000 FXF
ICO Price: 1 FXF = 0.12 USD
Hard cap: 36,000,000 USD
Bonuses: 0% - 20%
Q4 2019
Marketing Website Launched.
Q1 2020
MAS Grandfathering Exemption.
Proof of Concept
Q2 2020
Private Token Sale
Q3 2020
Public Token Sale.
Demo Trading Opens.
Token Competition.
Beta Release.
PR Agency Onboarding.
Website Upgrade.
Q4 2020
Live Trading Launch.
10 Exchanges Aggregated.
Chinese Language Version.
Token Listing 1st&2nd Exchange.
Mobile App Launch.
MAS License
15 Exchanges Aggregated.
More Token Listing Exchanges.
More Language Versions.
San Francisco Office Opens.
Last screenshot taken on 16 Jun 2020
FinxFlo ICO
Screenshots taken on 11 Jun 2020
James Gillingham
Co-Founder & MD
Takes part in this project only
Thomas Plaskocinski
Co-Founder & CTO
Participates in a number of projects
Liam Jones
Takes part in this project only
Asad Zeeshan
Participates in several projects
Craig Sinclair Henderson
Marketing Manager
Takes part in this project only
Greg Ranslam
Takes part in this project only
Prosongit Sorker
Social media marketing and networking expert
Takes part in this project only
Jina Kim
Takes part in this project only
Imran Hossain
Graphic Designer
Takes part in this project only

Advisors (3)

Anthony O’Sullivan
Takes part in this project only
Stefano Virgilli
Participates in several projects
Mark Hammond
Takes part in this project only
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