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ephelants360 is a software solution developed on a hybrid distributed ledger to serve as a content production platform from concept through to distribution.

By applying machine learning we enable logic to persevere in selecting profitable screenplays, recommend investment opportunities based on user “profile” and behavior, improve recruitment and production teambuilding.

Blockchain or distributed ledger technology enables information to be decentralized, providing deep insights whilst providing transparency where necessary. We will provide stakeholders live information and full control for the projects they participate in, they will be able to track spending and revenue in real-time. The proposed project management and budget dApps are central to improving cost saving, efficiency and production time.

The tokenized eco-system will allow for innovative new monetization and reward models to incentivize the community on the e360 platform, accept contributions to develop films & tv shows, seed production projects, involve well-known writers, directors and actors. Tokens will also be used to pay for jobs, tasks and platform subscriptions. e360 will democratize the film & tv production process.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Bounty: Bounty
Pre-sale Time: 26 July 2018 - 02 Jan 2019
ICO Time: 03 Jan 2019 - 21 Apr 2019
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: USA
Token info
Ticker: XEP
Platform: Stratis
Token Type: Stratis
Available for sale: 6,000,000,000 XEP (60%)
Pre-sale Price : 1 XEP = 0.007 USD
ICO Price: 1 XEP = 0.01 USD
Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap: 3600000 USD
Hard cap: 44700000 USD
Q4 2006
ephelants productions & advisory - New York.
Q4 2017
ephelants360 distributed ledger platform concept + core team & advisors.
Q1 2018
platform design + architecture & white paper V1.01 + NLP model research
Q2 2018
WriterDuet partnership + strategic advisors & private token sales + talent acquisition
Q3 | 2018
prototype + NLP algorithm integration
Q4 2018
EOS platform development
Q1 | 2019
public token sale + talent acquisition + full feature MVP & fiat payment integration + alpha testing + strategic partnerships
Q2 | 2019
beta testing + private access + project onboarding
Q3 | 2019
NLP model Chinese + prize competition
Q4 | 2019
platform live +project acquisition
Q1 | 2020
user acquisition + Beijing office
Screenshots taken 1 Jul 2018
Jay Schweid
CEO & Production Strategy
Bettina Gilois
Award Winning Screenwriter & Author
Fernando Menezes
CIO & Blockchain + ICO Strategy
Artem Zaitsev
Head of Blockchain Development
Dario Luparello
Chief Digital Officer & Social Media Engineer
Aleksander Djordjevic
Blockchain Development Director
Daniel Peter
Blockchain & UI/UX Developer
Anita A Moore
Director Strategic Partnerships
Valerie Gogoleva
Q+A Manager & Community Support
Francisco Martin
Marketing Director Spain + Latin America
Mark Park
Community Manager South Korea
Francis Park
Community Manager South Korea
Ryan Kim
Community Manager South Korea
Kimberly Tse
Community Manager Chinese
Long L Yang
Community Manager Chinese
Alina Asadchaya
Community Manager Russia
Xavier Garcia
Community Manager Latin America

Advisors (11)

Monica Landers
Artificial Intelligence & NLP Advisor
Abdul Rauf
Distributed Ledger Technology Advisor
Henri Kessler
Executive Producer & Investment Advisor
Paul Lee
Finance & Investment Advisor
Claudia Brizendine
Strategic Partnerships Advisor
Diane Bernard
Chief Marketing & Growth Advisor
Jenna Stone
PR + Marketing Advisor & Content Review
Roman Karimov
Investment & TGE Advisor
Mauro Andriotto
Investment & TGE Advisor
Alecos Colombo
Investment & TGE Advisor
Roy Covalenco
Finance & Operations Advisor
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