BTC $ 36,837.91 2.7923%
ETH $ 2,652.46 8.34448%
MARKET CAP $ 1638 bln 4.9%
ICOs 7,186


Eosinterest is a DEFI eco-system aggregator. The users of Eosinterest can invest in a full spectrum of existing yield farming and lending platforms as Compound, Uni, Sushi, Balancer, Harvest, Yearn, Cream, Avve etc. via a single dashboard setting in the eosinterest platform and Eostinterest’s Automated Market Maker (AMM) routes their investment via its audited smart contracts. Eosinterest is designed to address the implications of extreme token supply inflation of existing yield farming and liquidity mining programs. Therefore, Eosinterest has a non-inflationary token supply. Eosinterest introduces an economic model that would leverage against ponzi-economics of defi- crypto, and provide for risk leveraged yield maximization.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 22 Jan 2021 - 29 Jan 2021
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist
Token info
Ticker: INTR
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC-20
Available for sale: 4,000,000 INTR (40%)
Total supply: 10,000,000 INTR
Pre-sale Price : 1 INTR = 0.4 USD
ICO Price: 1 INTR = 2.5 USD
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 400,000 USD
Hard cap: 800,000 USD
Bonuses: Dutch Auction Number of tokens on offer: 3,000,000 INTR Starting Price (1st Hour): $ 2.50 Floor Price (96th Hour): $ 0.5
Q2 2018
Concept Generation
Team Assemble
Q1 2019
Strategic plan
First seed round
Q3 2019
Platform design
technical demonstration
Q2 2020
Beta Testing
Q4 2020
Q1 2021
Genesis Pool Mining
Index fund
Q2 2021
Introduce community led experimental vaults
Q3 2021
Launch DEX aggregator
Layer 2 DEX
Q4 2021
Enhancement of Dex and aggregator
Q2 2022
Cross chain integration (eos)
Q3 2022
Cross chain integration
Further development decisions depending on the evolution defi
Screenshots taken on 17 Jan 2021
Willie Price
CEO and Head of Investment Research
Takes part in this project only
Gloria Phelps
Takes part in this project only
Mauricio Papapietro
Takes part in this project only
Laverna Randles
Head Of Strategic Communications
Takes part in this project only
Duane Zinke
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Takes part in this project only
Liam Brunner
Trading System Specialist
Participates in a number of projects
Maxim Semyonov
Cyber Security Analyst
Participates in a number of projects
Jonas Girtman
Compliance and Law
Participates in a number of projects

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