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ETH $ 2,148.59 1.30798%
MARKET CAP $ 2066 bln 1.33%
ICOs 6,593

Electron World Money

ICO Ended
An independent financial platform on which all existing financial systems will be built, payments, payments for various services, transfer of funds between different accounts of different banks with a minimum commission within the EWM network

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ICO Time: 28 Jan 2018 - 04 Feb 2018
Country: Singapure
Token info
Ticker: EWM
Platform: Ethereum
Available for sale: 700,000,000 EWM (70%)
Accepting: ETH
Hard cap: 60,000,000 USD
Social media
Research, development, discussion of cooperation with banks
Q1 2018
Q2 2018
Launching a platform and a test wallet with support for arbitrary tokens trade
Q3 2018
Integration of the decentralized exchange, the final version of the mobile wallet. Trade in tokens and fiat money
Q4 2018
Partnerships with new banks and the phase of selling tokens "Future sale"
Q2 2019
Creating your own projects on the EWM Platform
Project globalization. EWM Platform as the basis of the financial system of all developed countries
Rohan Hall
Co-Founder & CEO
No participating data
Dennis Sommer
Co-Founder & CTO
No participating data
Morgan Rockwell
Head Of Business Development & Co-Founder
No participating data
Karim Ghodbane
Legal Counsel
No participating data
Carlos Perez
Senior Engineer
No participating data
Manohar Reddy
No participating data
Brandon Gilchrist
No participating data
Jared Stoffan
No participating data
Khoa Nguyen
No participating data
Kevin LaMar
Web Engineer
No participating data
Troy O'Brien
Visual Communications Graphics & Design
No participating data
Douglas Forster
Designer/UI/UX/Blockchain Engineer
No participating data
Ken Murphy
iOS Developer
No participating data
Cezanne Rothberg
Graphic Designer
No participating data
Juan Suarez
Mobile Developer
No participating data
Alan Yong
General Manager, Global Direct To Consumer, E-Commerce At Mead Johnson Nutrition
No participating data
Mike Costache
Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) \ Pepperdine School Of Law
No participating data
Richard Titus
Strategic Advisor For Blockchain ICO
No participating data
Vincent Zhou
Founding Partner Of FinTech Blockchain Group (FBG)
No participating data
Spencer Bogart
Bitcoin & Blockchain Venture Capital
No participating data

Advisors (3)

Mary Cranston
Director At Visa
No participating data
Simon McNamara
CAO Of Royal Bank Of Scotland
No participating data
Terry Schwakopf
Fed Reserve Bank Of SF
No participating data
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ICO List
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Dafi Protocol
All decentralized economies distribute tokens to users. The problem is that distributing tokens when adoption is low, creates an excess supply & devalues the economy. There is no link between the release of network supply and the network's adoption. This harms longer-term users and only favours short-term participants. Dafi introduces the first alternative since Bitcoin, to use network rewards for building a decentralized economy. Instead of directly issuing tokens for staking & liquidity – Dafi ties synthetics to each network's adoption. This means that the token release & network demand is proportional. Meaning users are still incentivized when adoption is low, but by being rewarded later, not earlier. By linking these two factors, it attracts longer-term users to be incentivized longer, supporting adoption. Dafi enables every protocol and platform to create a synthetic flavour from their native token. This is then algorithmically pegged to the demand of their network and distributed to users. Synthetic dTokens on Dafi can be created by projects and distributed to their users for Staking, Nodes, Liquidity, or even Participation/Bounty rewards. Individuals can stake the DAFI token for governance and collateralize the creation of dDAFI, the first synthetic unit which is tied to network demand. The quantity of the synthetic can increase only as network adoption rises – incentivizing longer-term users.
By establishing a virtual gaming economy platform based on Blockchain technology, which will correlate in-game achievements with a rewarding mechanism, BUFF will enable gamers to accumulate coins in the background as they continue to play uninterruptedly, benefiting gamers with a new incentive to spend more time gaming, and opening a new marketing approach for game publishers to interact for longer time periods with gamers to increase loyalty to their brands.
We intend to develop MeconCash into a platform that allows user’s assets to be transferred and traded between different types of services by integrating point reward systems, contents purchase, and settlement, which are currently operated separately between existing services and those under development. To that end, we will build the reward and settlement system, develop the API to connect it with other services, and build an ecosystem that can be used in the on- and off-line real economy. All this will ensure the usability, connectivity, and sustainability of MeconCash. We will develop a variety of mobile-based applications, games, and contents on the platform and link it with such services as online marketplaces where users can purchase products. The reward system used by a service generally invalidates the rewards owned by users when the service is terminated. MeconCash, however, can transform the rewards obtained from using our services into valuable assets. As such, users will be able to fulfill the demand for new services with MeconCash even when the services they use are terminated, make transactions between them, and use the assets in the real economy. We will stabilize the MeconCash ecosystem by developing new blockchain-based businesses and linking it with external services which already exists. Additionally, MeconCash will be available in 70% of ATMs in Korea so that users can directly withdraw MeconCash to fiat money.
Forget fragmented marketplaces! NOBAR is creating the first ever "Unified Crypto Commerce" to provide a holistic solution to the purchasing problem with cryptocurrency and crypto token. Our two robust functions - "Crypto Commerce" and "Shop-App" will facilitate all possible commercial activities.
Elements Estates
"Elements Estates is creating a Blockchain-based platform with underlying unique portfolio of real estate deriving from banks’ distressed assets. The platform will offer the ability to utilize ELES tokens through purchase or rent of real estate and other services, all primarily related to newly developed and modern properties in platform ownership. Elements Estates is giving you the opportunity to get involved in something that will enable growth of token value from unlocking the hidden value of the distressed assets deriving from non-performing bank portfolios, usually reserved for major players."
Mogul Productions
Mogul Inc. (“Mogul”) is an inclusive & immersive platform created to disrupt traditional funding methodologies in the film & entertainment industry by empowering users to take an active role in the script to screen process. With a focus on content curation, audience cultivation and independent financing. We are a technology company that leverages blockchain, smart contract technology and analytics to provide unprecedented security, transparency, and liquidity to fans and investors alike. Mogul is a decentralized film financing platform that brings creators, fans and film financiers together; allowing everyone to play a part in the next big blockbuster. The STARS token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. STARS tokens are used to interact with the Mogul Platform and the Mogul Community. The STARS token gives film fans influence and insider access to Hollywood. In addition to earning exclusive rewards through staking, trivia participation, and other activities, STARS tokens give you the power to vote on which projects get greenlit and even submit your own projects for consideration. With the STARS token, film fans like you play a key role in the filmmaking process. That’s why you will be rewarded for your involvement in giving films the greenlight and supporting films from the script to the screen.