BTC $ 61,081.59 -1.02266%
ETH $ 2,388.98 -1.35371%
MARKET CAP $ 2215 bln -1.41%
ICOs 6,591


ICO Ended
ECKO is being developed as a community based coin. VisionCPE20, Community Paradise 2020 providing virtual experience earning real time. 3 Products with high levels of security with ECKO as the payment mode. A x13 POS coin with Masternodes.

(weight: 45%)


(weight: 35%)


(weight: 20%)

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White paper: Read
ICO Time: 02 Feb 2018 - 05 May 2018
Country: Canada
Token info
Ticker: ECKO
Platform: x13
Token Type: POS
Available for sale: 215,000,000 ECKO (72%)
Raised $ 1,000,000
ICO Price: 1 ECKO = 0.04 USD
January 2018
February 2018
Coin development.

ICO begins.
March 2018
Desktop wallets.

Web explorer.

Marketplace production begins.
April 2018
Web wallet.

P2P exchange production begins.
May 2018
Coin distribution to wallets.

Listing in exchanges.

First online web game.
June 2018
Airdrops distribution.

Monthly big reward contests.

Mobile wallets.

Second online web game.

Marketplace alpha testing.
July 2018
Listing in coinmarketcap. P2P exchange alpha testing. Third online web game.

Coin API for website.

Monthly big reward contests.
August 2018
Fourth online web game.

Monthly big reward contests.
September 2018
Marketplace beta testing.

Fifth online web game.

Monthly big reward contests.
October 2018
P2P exchange beta testing.

Sixth online web game.

Monthly big reward contests.
November 2018
Ecko hackathon.

Monthly big reward contests.
December 2018
Virtual world game production begins.

Arcade gaming website.

Monthly big reward contests.
January 2019
Marketplace launch.

Monthly big reward contests.
February 2019
Monthly big reward contests.
March 2019
Peer to peer exchange launch.

Developer contests.

Monthly big reward contests.
April 2019
Virtual world game. Alpha testing.

Ecko networking conference.

Monthly big reward contests.
May 2019
Developer contests.

Monthly big reward contests.
June 2019
Monthly big reward contests.
July 2019
First android game.

Developer contests.

Monthly big reward contests.
August 2019
Virtual world game. Beta testing. First IOS game. Monthly big reward contests.
September 2019
Developer contests.

Monthly big reward contests.
October 2019
Monthly big reward contests.
November 2019
Second android game.

Ecko hackathon.

Monthly big reward contests.
December 2019
Second IOS game.

Monthly big reward contests.
January 2020
Virtual world game launch.

Monthly big reward contests.
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All decentralized economies distribute tokens to users. The problem is that distributing tokens when adoption is low, creates an excess supply & devalues the economy. There is no link between the release of network supply and the network's adoption. This harms longer-term users and only favours short-term participants. Dafi introduces the first alternative since Bitcoin, to use network rewards for building a decentralized economy. Instead of directly issuing tokens for staking & liquidity – Dafi ties synthetics to each network's adoption. This means that the token release & network demand is proportional. Meaning users are still incentivized when adoption is low, but by being rewarded later, not earlier. By linking these two factors, it attracts longer-term users to be incentivized longer, supporting adoption. Dafi enables every protocol and platform to create a synthetic flavour from their native token. This is then algorithmically pegged to the demand of their network and distributed to users. Synthetic dTokens on Dafi can be created by projects and distributed to their users for Staking, Nodes, Liquidity, or even Participation/Bounty rewards. Individuals can stake the DAFI token for governance and collateralize the creation of dDAFI, the first synthetic unit which is tied to network demand. The quantity of the synthetic can increase only as network adoption rises – incentivizing longer-term users.
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Founded in 2017, Helix Cognitive Computing GmbH is a Berlin-based technology company that is dedicated towards developing and creating a sustainable digital ecosystem that interconnects Everyone and Everything; without intermediaries or central authorities, and at virtually no cost. By creating a “blockless and chainless”, next-generation peer-to-peer digital exchange network, called the HelixTangle, and a Cognitive Cryptocurrency ‒ HLX, the company plans to engage and help shift existing economic and political power structures across all levels of industry and society. Regarding security, Helix is working on the first transaction ledger monitored by Cognitive Security. Data needs to be immutable, and Helix is developing a cognitive security engine to maintain the integrity of data interpretation. With data security being the key order of the day in 2018 and 2019, the fraud-resistant HelixPlatform will facilitate natively secure distributed app development.
The SherCoin team has realized that the best way to create a good cryptocurrency that will achieve mass adoption is by creating a multi-functional token that has more than one utility. Most of the altcoins are Ethereum-based coins that only offer one application. SherCoin features five different related applications in one. The ecosystem has a theme: User provide valuable economic services for businesses such: as checking market place for counterfeits, reporting fake or suspicious products; filling out surveys and giving information, feedback, and data, so business can make informed decisions; giving the users an easy way to manage the cryptos the earned; and then giving them outlets to spend/exchange their tokens.