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The Dominium platform is built on an Ardor childchain which evolved from the time-tested Nxt blockchain. The Dominium childchain decentralises the trade of assets and places rental agreements, purchase agreements, property management tasks and more on the blockchain. Dominium will obtain the required regulatory licenses to allow standardised legal templates for property funding to be created. This allows companies to create regulatory compliant assets, which can be purchased by the Dominium account holders. As the assets are created on the blockchain they will of course be 100% transparent and liquid. Moreover, Dominium is underwritten by a portfolio of property assets generating an income and ensuring the future development and maintenance of the platform.

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ICO Time: 03 Sept 2018 - 31 Dec 2018
Country: Netherlands
Token info
Ticker: DOM
Available for sale: 1,000,000,000 DOM (70%)
Pre-sale Price : 1 DOM = 0.05 EUR
ICO Price: 1 DOM = 0.25 EUR
Soft cap: 2,500,000 EUR
Hard cap: 92,500,000 EUR
13 Nov 2018
End Date
≈ 75 DOM
≈ 22 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description


Receive free 75 DOM tokens with Dominium (Round 3) Airdrop


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25 DOM tokens per referral


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Q1 2016
- Blockchain technology reaches maturity required to launch a regulated platform for property financing.

- Financial Holding Company incorporated in the Netherlands for first Max Property Group property funds.

- Founders' money used to prove financial model by buying, renovating and renting out apartments in Rotterdam.
Q2 2016
Max Property Group website developed and translated into three languages (English, Dutch and German).
Q3 2016
Regulatory compliant prospectus for first Dutch property fund completed.
Q4 2016
Max Property Group Netherland goes live and is fully subscribed within the set time frame.
Q2 2017
Regulatory compliant documentation for Max Property Group Germany and United Kingdom completed.
Q4 2017
Max Property Group Germany and United Kingdom launched (currently raising funds).
Q4 2017
Dominium team appointed, technology selected, and development team contracted.
Q1 2018
Platform development started, website designed, and referral program created.
Q1 2018
Private funding round closed to pay for initial platform development.
Q1 2018
Initial Financial Holding Company name changed to Dominium B.V.
Q2 2018
Finalise English version of Platform and initiate pre-ITO and ITO rounds.
YR 2018
Purchase property in NL, DE and UK, migrate all MPG assets to platform, finalise beta-testing of all functionalities.
YR 2019
Finalise standardised regulatory documents, obtain required licenses and open platform to third party asset creators and property listers.
Screenshots taken 28 Jul 2018
Sven Thomas Munte Msc
Mark Lloyd
Managing Director
Marco Reimann Msc
Finance Director
Esther Dekker Msc
Property Director

Advisors (8)

Acco Van Herwaarden
Compliance Advisor
Maarten Dirks Msc
Blockchain Advisor
Paula Ruffell Msc
Legal Advisor
Gudo Thijssen
Marketing Advisor
Joost De Kruiff
Blockchain Advisor
Jurian Van Groenendaal
Legal Advisor Netherlands
Nine Bennink
Legal Advisor
Andres Campo
Marketing Advisor
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