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Dispatch Labs

Dispatch is creating a new DLT platform for Dapp developers. A platform that’s truly scalable, insanely fast, and completely free of transaction fees. Gosh, it’s exciting.

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Dates: TBA
Country: USA
Token info
Q1 2018
Documentation for Dapp Development;

Support development of 3rd-party Dapps.
Q2 2018
Ongoing 3rd-party Dapps support;

Team scaling;

Testnet Live;

Technical development.
Q3 2018
Genesis Block Launches, Mainnet Launches;

Training Curriculum development: Developer;

Ongoing 3rd-party Dapps support.
Q4 2018
Training Curriculum development: Business;

Education: Online training launch - Developer;

Ongoing 3rd-party Dapps support.
Q1 2019
Education: Online training launch - Business;

Ongoing 3rd-party Dapps support.
Q2 2019
Expanded online training - Developer and Business;

Ongoing 3rd-party Dapps support.
Q3 2019
Launch Dispatch Labs University, including offline training;

First Dispatch Developers Conference;

Ongoing 3rd-party Dapps support.
Q4 2019
Launch Dispatch certification program;

Ongoing 3rd-party Dapps support.
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Matt McGraw
Chief Executive Officer
Zane Witherspoon
Chief Technical Officer
Diane Blattner-Kresal
Chief of Staff
Ivan Goldensohn
Chief Ecosystem Officer
Patrik Wijkstrom
Chief Operating Officer
Zachary Fallon
Senior Legal Advisor
Shadan Azali
VP of Investor Relations
Jake Kuczeruk
Director Of Partnerships
Mark Streeter
Director of Asia Operations
Greg McGregor
Vice President of Engineering
Denis Molchanenko
Quality Assurance Director
Silas Thomas
Director of IT and Security Operations
Ben Dutro
Art Director
Karen Diaz
Blockchain Systems Operations Manager
Rich Stimbra
Minister of Culture
Amanda Borrelli
Marketing Assistant
Nicolae Carabut
Software Engineer
Christopher McGregor
Software Engineer
Dmitri Molchanenko
Quality Assurance Engineer
Rebecca Salisbury
Operations Manager
Bob Stevens
Software Engineer
Avery Hankins
Jr Software Developer
Kevin Eison
Chief Director at The Bureau

Advisors (14)

Ran Neu-Ner
Will O’Brien
Tim Siwula
Andrew Segal
Jake Vartanian
Christian Yavorsky
Paul Lambert
Nicholas Judge
Mathias Goldmann
Simone Giacomelli
Jordan Burton
Austin Hyland
Ted Moskovitz
Benji Rabhan
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BLUESHARE SECURITY TOKENS (BST) are the tokenized equity capital participation shares of INTERPROM Mining AG - a Swiss-based consolidated company which is among the first businesses in the world to offer its traditional equity capital participation shares on the Ethereum blockchain, offering capital appreciation and dividends, mobility, security, and liquidity to all stakeholders.
Bither Platform
Bither Platform is a three-layer network that is capable of running smart contracts and different projects on all three layers. In this network, miners are allowed to mine on any layer and any project that they prefer without any obligation on staying on one network. In addition, Bither platform has a solution for the energy consumption on PoW mechanism in which miners' excess computing power is going to be used on valuable computations such as scientific researches and universities in need of computing power. Masternodes control this process and help to keep the network secure while running smoothly.
DataBloc is the first enterprise grade sharing economy for data storage and services. The DataBloc platform is a web platform that seamlessly and securely connects service providers and enterprise customers. The DataBloc software, also known as StoneFusion, will be a 9th generation blockchain solution developed by StoneFly, a well-established data services company based in Silicon Valley. The software supports various data services and storage types, and offers enterprise-quality data optimization, availability, accessibility, security, and protection. Service providers download StoneFusion and list their available services on the DataBloc web platform. Enterprise and public customers enter their storage needs and which data services they require. Customers then select accommodating providers from a curated list and purchase services directly on the web platform. DataBloc is the first solution where enterprise-quality service providers can download a software that allows them to sell excess data storage and services over the internet, without customer acquisition costs—all within a secure blockchain framework.
Viewo is a video sharing network that operates on a blockchain-based rewards system. All participants in the Viewo network are rewarded for their actions, big or small. Rewards come in the form of VEO Tokens, a block- chain-based utility token that has value in both the Viewo network and outside the Viewo network. Unlike current video sharing websites that operate on a self-serving basis, Viewo operates on a user-based approach, rewarding each individual user for actions completed and giving incentives to both viewers and content creators.
AllSesame - Decentralized Social Food Network Powered by Blockchain. AllSesame Token is a Blockchain Ecosystem, architecturally designed to create the most Socialized Global Food Delivery Marketplace, developed collaboratively, using the blockchain technology. In today's world the technological development strives ahead very quickly. The trends of digitization and automation are already in full swing. The development of the Blockchain technology has led to a new trend- the trend of decentralization. The principles that are declared and strictly observed by the company: • Transparency to investors and the state. • Transparency of activities and transparency of decision-making. • Readiness to cooperate with all interested people and organizations; • Fairness- a fair payment to investors. • Fair conditions for partners and employees.
SportGift, the first sports app that gives you prizes. Sporgift is a sports mobile app that will track the user’s sports activities. By completing challenges they will be rewarded Ethereum based Sportgift (SPORTG) tokens. We are looking for partner organizations to create challenges. Our partners can buy SPORTG tokens to offer as rewards to the users that complete those challenges. Our partners in return will get advertised in the app. Sportgift wants to motivate people to exercise frequently. Through its challenges and rewards, Sportgift will encourage the users to be healthy and fit, thus increasing their quality of life.