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The Problem Dollar-pegged stablecoins are an essential component of the crypto world. Traders can use them for a variety of transactions, knowing that the same quantity of stablecoin will have the same purchasing strength no matter what day it is. However, this is a misperception. With the US government and the Federal Reserve control over the US currency, the relentless printing of money happening these recent years certainly make the US dollar's value to fall, resulting in an obvious depreciation of stablecoins. Our Solution Dios Finance aims to address this issue by establishing a token backed by a diverse amount of assets and focused on supply expansion as well as control. We believe that DIOS token can maintain its purchasing power in the face of market volatility. Our Goal Our initial goal is not to find a stable price. This may seem antithetical to our currency aspirations, but we ensure you it is not. Dios Finance can be tuned to optimize for different things. The main tradeoff is volatility and profitability versus stability and consistency. With volatility and profit comes growth; this is what we want early on. With tight policy and scale, Dios Finance should function well as a stable asset. Upward and downward pressures should stabilize at some non-intrinsic value. With loose policy, regardless of scale, Dios Finance has the potential to act as a wealth creation machine. The market premium of the token measures the positive sum of the game; all extrinsic value is new wealth created.

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Dates: TBA
Token info
Ticker: DIOS
Platform: Binance Chain
Token Type: BEP-20
2021 - IV

Launch Sale
Date: Late November 2021
Type: Initial Discord Offering
An initial of 100,000 DIOS was used to launch the protocol.
52,500 DIOS allocate for Bonding System.
25,000 DIOS allocated for IDO.
12,500 DIOS to provide initial liquidity.
8,250 DIOS as Retroactive Program.
1,750 DIOS as Referral Reward.
Official Launch
Date: Mid December 2021
Stage: Alpha
The distribution of DIOS for launch sale participants commenced. The protocol enters Alpha Stage.
Date: Mid December 2021
Stage: Alpha
Bond system implemented, Staking will soon follow.
2022 - I

Cooperation with Certik and Hacken for cybersecurity consulting services.
Integration with Chainlink Data Feeds and bonding option expansion.
Dios Bond Marketplace launch.
Lottery launch.

2022 - II
Cooperation with Lending and Borrowing on BSC, DIOS collateral.
Mobile Dapp, custom Wallet with added functions for NFT.
New Algorithmic Stablecoin model testing.
Lauch on Polygon.

2022 - III
With the release of V2, additional primitives and efficiency improvements are introduced.
Upgrades for Mobile Dapp, experimental Passive Income Tracker added.
Franchised Bond Protocol launch.
dUSD launch and updated revenue sharing for DIOS staker.
Prediction Market (Open Test).

2022 - IV

PCV Prediction Market official launch.
Explore extra scaling solutions.
Expansion test for Avalanche.
Additional yield options.

2023 - I
Dios Bond Market upgrade, expecting liquidity reaching at least 1% to that of the centralized bond market.
Integration of IPFS to host the Dios Interface independently, further decentralizing and safeguarding the protocol against attacks.
All of the separate UIs are merged into one.
Solana expansion.

2023 - II
Expanding the control of DAO over various aspects of the project.
Providing healthy liquidity for additional projects on BSC.
POL Launchpad platform deployment.
Referral program implementation.

2023 - III

Innovative Gas Calculation System enable.
Defeating MEV and other kinds of arbitrage bots.
Provides on-chain trustless bonding services between distinct chains.

2023 - IV

Integration of ChainLink Crosschain Interoperability Protocol.
LaaS Decentralized Insurance launch.
Capital scaling.
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