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Digital Energy Currency

DEC is a smart off-take agreement (SOTA) designed by PermianChain to fund the development of low-cost sustainable energy to power the blockchain economy.

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Token info
Ticker: DEC
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
ICO Price: 0.035 USD
Completed PermianChain product technical architecture for all 4 foundation blocks (PermianChain Miner, PermianChain Supplier, PermianChain Investor and PermianChain Dealer) to support the digital energy market (utility and security).
Completed the suite of PermianChain products (prototype), which include, PermianChain Supplier, PermianChain Investor, PermianChain Miner and PermianChain Dealer.
Integrated an oil and gas blockchain framework (OGBiF) as a business model for energy companies that will use the PermianChain Supplier platform with DEC as the native currency.
Technical Business Model related to digital energy securities submitted to the regulator’s Launchpad Team for feedback. Received feedback and adapted platform based on legal recommendations to comply with securities laws and regulations.
Bitcoin mining pool aggregator and digital energy market integrated into PermianChain Miner product features to support adoption of DEC.
Onboarded the first energy company and opened registration for other companies to register their energy reserves on the PermianChain Supplier to underpin the Digital Energy Currency (DEC)
PermianChain works with third-party professionals to conduct due diligence of assets and wells registered on the platform before approval and pushing to PermianChain’s blockchain explorer.
The first bitcoin energy company issues a natural asset security token (NAST) with its registered market dealer to capitalize and grow the OGBiF business-model, using PermianChain’s products as its technology infrastructure to support issuance of DEC against energy reserves.

Launch of the digital energy market with DEC serving as our Smart Off-take Agreement (SOTA) enabling crypto investors and crypto miners to secure ongoing power capacity for crypto-mining farms.
Creating liquidity for DEC on various DEXs and allowing for staking of stablecoin to distribute energy credits to users of PermianChain Miner.
Underpin 1kW for every DEC in circulation, with a goal to achieve a minimum of 100,000kW (100mW) of power capacity dedicated to bitcoin mining farms. All power to be generated from clean sustainable natural gas resources that would have otherwise been wasted or stranded. Current demand exceeds 500,000kW.
Mohamed El-Masri
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Michel Henriquet
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Paresh Masani
Chief Technology Officer
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