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ICO has 6 days left
CURES token has been forged out of a desire to help address this problem, by decentralizing the health care system, empowering patients, Health App developers, Medical Service Providers and Equipment Suppliers, embracing innovative technology in order to reduce costs and maximize scarce resources within the sector, creating near virtual competition, capitalizing on synergy which in turn adds value to all relevant stakeholders.

Our vision of managing this change is to empower all stakeholders through the use of innovative technology such as blockchain and smart contracts. We see this resulting in more options and choices; transcending borders through medical tourism, nurturing a transparent and trusted review system, allowing better and more informed decisions. In order to facilitate this, we have developed 6 main pillars to our robust business strategy.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 01 Dec 2018 - 31 Jan 2019
ICO Time: 01 Feb 2019 - 31 Mar 2019
Country: Bulgaria
Token info
Ticker: CURES
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 175,000,000 CURES (35%)
ICO Price: 1 CURES = 0.001 ETH
Accepting: ETH, Fiat
Soft cap: 2000 ETH
Hard cap: 175000 ETH
Q1 2018
CURES idea was born;

Research in the Healthcare problems;

Research in the Blockchain.
Q2 2018
Deep research for problem solutions;

Mark project goals and investigate the market;

Search for developers.
Q3 2018
Launch CURES Website alpha;

Search for Partners and Advisors.
Q4 2018
Launch CURES Website full version;

Whitepaper release;

Launch HAPP store alpha version with our own in-house developed HAPPs;

Launch private token sale;

Launch token pre-sale.
Q1 2019
Launch main token sale;

Distribute the tokens;

Launch the marketplace and trust review platform with a minimum of 100 approved medical service providers globally – alpha;

Launch HAPP store beta version and ongoing recruitment of developers and new applications;

Launch the EHR (Electronic Health Records) – alpha version (medical data storing and encryption function).
Q2 2019
Launch the trading platform with a minimum of 100 approved medical equipment suppliers globally – alpha;

Launch the EHR (Electronic Health Records) beta version (full functionality including trading and monetizing);

Ensure CURES is listed on at least 5 major exchanges.
Q3 2019
Launch the beta version (full functionality) of the marketplace and trust review platform;

Launch the beta version (full functionality) of the trading platform.
Q4 2019
Ongoing recruitment of medical service providers (MSP) and medical equipment suppliers (MES) for the applicable platforms, which now offer full business functionality.
Q2 2020
Launch the health assurance platform allowing medical futures trading – alpha version.
Q4 2020
Launch the health assurance platform beta version (full functionality).
Ongoing development of the available platforms, addition of new services (both free and payable), marketing and advertising, community building, recruitment of users and community members.
Legal incorporation of the charitable trust fund and launch of project selection rounds – session 1.
Charitable trust fund - launch of project selection rounds – session 2.
Screenshots taken 7 Dec 2018
Plamen Bonev
Co-founder and Chief Financial Advisor
Aneliya Klisarova
Senior Medical Advisor
Paul Baron
Senior Strategy Advisor
Stoyan Angelov
Senior Advisor
David Richardson
Business Development Advisor
George Chisuse
Senior Legal Advisor
Barry Plechowicz
Senior Advisor
Stefan Krastev
Co-founder and CEO
David Bonev
Co-founder and CFO
Vasil Alyoshin
Co-founder and CCO
Aleksandar Aleksandrov
Co-founder and CTO
Liudmil Blagoev
Medical Advisor
Mario Evlogiev
Medical Advisor
Ivan Chorbadzhakov
Medical Advisor
Stoycho Stoychev
Alyosha Ivanov
Medical Advisor
Nedyalko Ruskov
Healthcare Management Advisor
Sergio Rivera
Marketing and Portfolio Manager
Mina Vapireva
Medical Advisor
Julia Stoyanova
Medical Advisor
Alen Popovich
Marketing Advisor
Plamen Sakaliyski
Marketing Advisor
Daniel Vasilev
Solidity Developer
Yasen Rachev
Marketing Advisor
Angel Demirev
Front-end Developer
Daniel Lazarov
Agnes Bak
UX/UI Designer

Advisors (0)

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