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The Cryptops blockchain uses a utility coin to provide for a verifiable fair and honest options market for crypto currencies directly on a layer 1 decentralized distributed blockchain. The Cryptops project has been in research and development for over 4 years now. Cryptops is a fork of the upstream Stellar code base. A major difference from upstream code is the total quantity of 1 billion native tokens (COE). Other changes include the 1% interest and transaction fee sharing to qualified accounts that occurs on the Cryptops network. The test network for the Cryptops blockchain is running on 8 nodes in random data centers around the world and has been up for about 3 years and is over 15 million ledgers deep. The main network was brought up on 12 nodes running in random data centers around the world just a few months ago and is already over a million blocks deep. The project has a website up at, but it still needs some work to improve the cosmetics and functionality of the site. More information can be found in the Cryptops whitepaper at :

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Ticker: COE
Platform: Binance Chain
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Cryptops 4/27/2022

β€’ Finish the Cryptops whitepaper.
β€’ Create Cryptops project roadmap.
β€’ Conduct the COE presale funding to secure further development of the Cryptops platform.
β€’ Create and test the direct BTC to COE bridge.
β€’ Further research bridges with other crypto currencies.
β€’ Evaluate protocol updates and begin making upgrades the Cryptops blockchain protocol if necessary. β€’ Review merging upstream Stellar code changes into the Cryptops core.
Third Quarter 2022
β€’ Start the COE utility coin ICO campaign by directly creating the order book on the Cryptops blockchain.
β€’ Move the direct BTC to COE bridge from the test to the main public network.
β€’ Make a download of the Cryptops Laboratory publicly available.
β€’ Document how to sign offline transactions and then submit them online to the blockchain.
β€’ Continue investigating the merging in of upstream Stellar code changes into the Cryptops core.
β€’ Work on a Cryptops option trading web application with various functions to interact with the
β€’ Make a public image server available for various Cryptops core validator, archiver and horizon server
for both the test and public networks.
β€’ Document how to download an image from the image server and run a Cryptops node for both the test
and public networks.
β€’ Code improvements and testing of the option asset values updating engine to increase the velocity when
submitting to the blockchain.
β€’ Work on the ITM option assets settlement engine.
Fourth quarter 2022
β€’ Greatly expand on the series of option assets running on the test network and continue with further testing.
β€’ Create and test code for the automatic roll over of the new years option asset issuer.
β€’ Continue working on the development of and testing the option assets direct chain to chain settlement
β€’ Make available a trading application to discover and view option assets on the Cryptops network.
First quarter 2023
β€’ Make the official launch of live option assets on the Cryptops public network.
β€’ Begin researching the adding of new crypto currency option assets to the Cryptops blockchain network. β€’ Discuss ways of making improvements to the Cryptops option blockchain experience.
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