BTC $ 63,287.89 4.96745%
ETH $ 2,287.4 6.28009%
MARKET CAP $ 2196 bln 0%
ICOs 6,594


ICO Ended
Connectius is Blockchain as as service solution, that can be easily integrated in the any
existing e-commerce.
The main goal of the project is to help any e-commerce store to save money they lose on
fraud transactions. Our service allows any e-commerce store to deal with their Consumers
using a smart-contract. It guarantees to have less froud for the store and makes transactions
more secure for the consumers. By reducing the expenses on fraud any e-commerce can
reduce the costs of its goods/services for the consumer and become more competitive on
the market. With the help of the Connectius model we create the universal discount system
for all the e-commerce worldwide and provide the user acquisition.

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White paper: Read
ICO Time: 20 Nov 2017 - 20 Dec 2017
Country: Russia
Token info
Ticker: CNT
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Total supply: 78,877,869 CNT
Raised $ 5,112,201
ICO Price: 1.40 USD
Accepting: ETH, USD
Social media
Developing high level design
Developing low level design Implementation started
Solid state Alpha version closed system tests
Solid state Beta version released Integration of the e-wallet into Connectius.Experts Launch of the transitive token on Connectius.Core Creation of Contractor’s account on Connectius.Experts Commencement of work on the search and matching processor for

Improvement of the contractor account type on Connectius.Experts Creation of the service company account type on Connectius.Experts Development of a loyalty promotion program on Connectius Core Continuation of work on the search and matching processor for

Connectius.Core Commencement of API development for the integration of Connectius Core

into partner applications Commencement of work on smart contract integration Localization of Connectius.Experts and Connectius.Core
Addition of final touches to the user account type on Connectius.Experts Addition of final touches to the contractor and service company account types

on Connectius.Experts Continuation of work on the search and matching processor for

Connectius.Core Continuation of API development for the integration of Connectius Core into

partner applications Test integration of smart contracts
Continuation of work on the search and matching processor for Connectius.Core Launch of Connectius.Experts 1.0 Continuation of API development for the integration of Connectius Core into

partner applications (testing phase)
Testing of Connectius.Core smart contract exploitation Conclusion of work on the search and matching processor
Launch of Connectius.Core 1.0 Development of an advertisement platform based on geolocation data Development of an interface for integration with ERP/CRM system types
Screenshots taken on 3 Feb 2018
Aleksey Alimov
Founder, CVO Serial entrepreneur, business architect
Takes part in this project only
Vasily Kozlov
Founder, CEO Blockchain enthusiast, founder of several companies
Takes part in this project only
Aleksey Nosikov
Co-Founder, CAO Real estate investor, founder of several companies
Participates in several projects
Sergey Nosikov
Co-Founder, CTO Telecom and IT expert with more, than 15 year of experience
Takes part in this project only
Nickolay Evdokimov
Multipurpose Adviser Entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast
Participates in a number of projects
Vladimir Stark
Head of Marketing and PR Department Founder of digital agency
Participates in several projects
Elena Chumachenko
Head of Marketing Social media & online marketing expert
Takes part in this project only
Olga Saprykina
Head of Sales Department
No participating data
Vladimir Petrov
General Software Architect
Takes part in this project only
Andrey Opritov
Team Leader Web development
Takes part in this project only
Andrey Ursaev
Team Leader Backend development
Takes part in this project only
Andrey Savin
Team Leader Mobile development
Takes part in this project only

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