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ComBox Technology - international company, developer and manufacturer of immersion cooling systems for industrial mining and solving science-driven tasks. We're going to produce 147-240 energy efficient containers for industrial mining based on our own solutions with immersion cooling. Mining on GPU boards of our own design, installed in containers with two-phase immersion (Novec 3M) cooling. Every container has 960 AMD RX470 graphics cards installed, which allows to receive a reward of 60 ETH per month. ROI of the project is more then 350% per 5 yaers.

To increase the margin of business, in addition to its own capacities, we launch an external multicurrency mining pool with a commission of PPLNS1%. After putting into operation the planned number of containers, they will be produced and sold to customers with profit distribution among investors.

Industrial mining on behalf of investors. We can build the containers by ourselves, but it will take a long time. With external investments, we will do this within 1 year, which will allow to earn both us and our investors. ROI of the project is at least 350%, the dividend payment period is 5 years, monthly payments. Mining with ComBox is more profitable than the maintenance of home farms and rigs, enter industrial mining professionally with us. Variative financial model of the ComBox project is available upon request after the signing of the NDA.

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White paper: Read
STO Time: 01 Sept 2018 - 30 Sept 2018
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Country: Russia
Token info
Ticker: CBP
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Total supply: 0.00 CBP
STO Price: 1 CBP = 0.001 ETH
Accepting: BTC, ETH.
Soft cap: 39,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 45,000,000 USD
Q1 2017
We have developed and implemented the expansion SMART PCI-6
Q4 2017
We have developed and built the container with air cooling ComBox A-480 с 480 cards AMD RX570 inside
Q1 2018
The analysis of the solutions was carried out on air cooling and science work concerning optimization and increasing of density of graphics cards for industrial mining and science intensive projects. The module SMART IC-6 has been developed for systems of immersion colling 6 GPU
Q4 2018
We are collecting new container with liquid cooling ComBox IC-960 based on our solutions SMART IC-6 now. Plan putting into operation of the container is 4 quarter of 2018.

R&D of ComBox Technology is developing the software based on MPI under Linux with the remote loading for realization of the system of parallel calculations.
Q2 2019
There will be development and production of specialized graphics cards with improved productivity for the systems of immersion cooling
Q3 2019
The organization and launch of own solo mining pool for CBP token’s holders
Q1 2020
The organization and launch of highincome multi-currency external pool for the CBP token’s holders and other participants
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Aleksandr Pankratov
Founder, CEO and Seed Investor
Dmitriy Elagin
Founder, CTO and Seed Investor
Dmitriy Rytvinskiy
Co-founder, CFO
Ilya Dushin
Chief crypto officer
Valery Turchaninov
Product director
Olga Kurnickaya
Legal department
Ruslan Dreval
Social economics department
Andrey Oleksuk
Localization project manager & traffic manager
Christina Muraviova
Information design
Julia Kishenkova
Information design
Mariya Guryeva
Project manager
Natalya Spiridonova
Content manager
Ruslan Strelnikov
Backend developer
Andrey Martyanov
Head designer
Natalia Mustafina
Graphic and web-designer

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