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Winners of FutureHack 2018 during WEF in Davos, Switzerland and also most inspirational project from Slovenia.

CHERR.IO is a blockchain solution for charitable donations, aiming to open new horizons for the way charitable, humanitarian and socially responsible organizations operate.

The platform will opt for optimizing operations, expand outreach, reinforce donors' trust and improve the donation process for charities.

Our top focus is fraud prevention and transparency. Alongside this we are aiming to enable decision power for our donors and a reward system for our active participants. We aim to raise funds with cryptocurrencies and thus, enable our donors to experience low transaction fees.

CHERR.IO will use a gamification process to engage with a multitude of interested parties willing to both donate and volunteer for others in need.

The opportunity to help and reap rewards is now open to the masses - to everyone!

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 15 May 2018 - 23 May 2018
ICO Time: 15 June 2018 - 30 June 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: Slovenia
Token info
Ticker: CHR
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 120,000,000 CHR (60%)
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 3750 ETH
Hard cap: 15,000 ETH
2017 / Q2
- First meeting of founders about current problems of charity organizations and how these problems can be solved using blockchain and smart contracts

- Deep market research about charity operations

- Initial concepts

- Branding
2017 / Q3
- Domain registration

- Formation of the core team

- Design prototypes

- Token model development

- Whitepaper 1st draft

- Tokensale structure

- Main community channel setup
2017 / Q4
- Whitepaper 2nd. draft

- CHERR.IO platform introduction video

- Expansion of the team

- Website publication

- Marketing and PR campaign start

- Roadshow start
2018 / Q1
- Futurehack Hackaton in Davos (at WEF2018) participation

- MVP platform published

- Growing our ambassadors, advisors, supporters

- Creating a blog and social media channels

- Legal structure

- Token release plan

- Bounty program #1

- Website security plan and structure
2018 / Q2
- Whitepaper publication

- Smart Contract for crowdsale developing and auditing

- Crowdsale testing on testnet

- MVP Promotional Campaign

- New live campaigns added on MVP

- Marketing for live campaigns

- MVP update - smart contract support

- Creating how-to wallet guides

- Smart contract for token sale

- Public Presale start

- Public Crowdsale start

- ICO activities (Social activity, Website security and stability, Watch for scammers)

- Negotiations with exchanges

- Q2 2018 AMA
2018 / Q3
- Post-ICO review articles

- Exchange listing

- Unlocking of tokens for transfer

- CHERR.IO platform plan and structure

- MVP update

- Add more campaigns on MVP

- Team growing: hiring for development, marketing, PR, design, testing, and user support

- Increase number of Charity Organization on board

- Q3 2018 AMA

- Roadshow

- MVP with 50+ campaigns

- Donate 12% of funds reserved for donations to live campaigns on the platform

- CHERR.IO platform developing progress article
2018 / Q4
- Q4 2018 AMA

- Roadshow

- Platform phase 1 (Alpha testing CHERR.IO platform, Upgrade MPV to CHERR.IO platform, Platform security and stability)

- Increase number of Charity Organization on board

- Donate 12% of funds reserved for donations to live campaigns on the platform

- CHERR.IO platform development progress article
2019 / Q1
- Q1 2019 AMA

- Roadshow

- Platform phase 1 (Beta release for private testing, Beta release for private testing, Early access for ICO investors)

- Platform phase 2 (Android and iOS app structure, API development)

- CHERR.IO platform development progress article

- Donate 12% of funds reserved for donations to live campaigns on the platform
2019 / Q2
- Q1 2019 AMA

- Roadshow

- Platform phase 1 (Public release, Proof Of Charity rewarding mechanism 0.2)

- Platform phase 2 (Android and iOS app alpha testing, API alpha testing)

- 200+ campaigns

- Donate 12% of funds reserved for donations to live campaigns on the platform
2019 / Q3
- Q3 2019 AMA

- Roadshow

- Platform phase 1 (Optimizations, Marketing and PR, Fiat donations support, Proof Of Charity rewarding mechanism 0.3)

- Platform phase 2 (Milestones beta, Emergency pool beta, ,Beta version of the Android and iOS app, API beta)

- Donate 12% of funds reserved for donations to live campaigns on the platform
2019 / Q4
- Q4 2019 AMA

- Roadshow

- Platform phase 1 (Proof Of Charity rewarding mechanism 1.0)

- Platform phase 2 (Release of the Android and iOS app, Public API, Milestones, Emergency pool, Campaign staking alpha

- Donate 12% of funds reserved for donations to live campaigns on the platform
2020 / Q1
- Q1 2020 AMA

- Roadshow

- Platform phase 2 (Campaign staking beta)

- Donate 12% of funds reserved for donations to live campaigns on the platform
2020 / Q2 - Q3
- Q2 & Q3 2020 AMA

- Roadshow

- Platform phase 1 (Proof Of Charity rewarding mechanism 2.0)

- Platform phase 2 (Campaign staking release)

- Donate the remainder of funds reserved for donations to live campaigns on the platform

- Goal of being the leading charity donations platform reached
Screenshots taken 28 ноя 2018
David Tacer
Mario Markovic
Aljaz Straser
Alen Breznik
Simon Furman
Blockchain Developer, B.SC.
Bostjan Kovac
Simon Sovic
Rok Klancnik
Visual and video production
David Perger
Marketing Strategist, B.Ec.
Denis Gorican
Marketing Strategist
Eva C. Zimet
Uros Horvat
Web developer
Ahmad Dewanto
Campaign manager
Giorgi Topuria

Advisors (6)

Giovanni Lesna Maranetto
Business Development and ICO Strategic advisor
Jacob Papageorgiou
ICO Strategic Advisor
Goran Krajacic
SEM & Cryptoeconomics Advisor
Niko Slavnic
Business Angel of Slovenia
Melinda Woolf
Future of Humanity
Mauro Presicce
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