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Cash Driver

Cash Driver is the next generation of blockchain technology which was designed to make driving better and more economical.
We reward driving but above all economical driving in road traffic and reward this with our [CD] token.

$$$ > get cash Driver by driving < $$$

The APP required for this is available for download free of charge and complies with the highest security measures and the applicable data
protection regulations, which are regularly checked and verified by a company commissioned by a third party.

In addition, we are creating a global eco-network of Cash Driver members and charity programs to promote global mobility and,
in addition to increasing security, also make a contribution to CO2 reduction.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Dates: TBA
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist
Token info
Ticker: CD
Platform: Binance Chain
Q3 2023

Presale [done]

fair presale took place with 150BNB hard cap and 0,5BNB maximum buy in.

Minimum 1000 active Holderยดs

Launch to BSC MainNet [done]

Initial fair launch to BSC MainNet took place on July 24th, 2022.

Liquidity Lock [done]

Liquidity will be locked until September 15th 2023 via DxSale, making the token rug-pull free and safe.

Renouncement of Ownership of the Smart Contract [done]

Ownership of the smart contract will be renounced,

in turn making it so modifications are unable to be made and 100% safe.

Initialization of all relevant social media links and expansion of the community. [done]

listing of the project on voting and tracking pages

Multiple Audits [ongoing]

Smart Contract Audits will be applied for & completed by several auditing groups,

while in the waiting list for our industry leading Certik Audit.

CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap [ongoing]

Multiple listing services including but not limited to: CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap will be applied for.

Exchange Applications [ongoing]

Multiple exchanges will be applied for including but not limited to:

Holder / Transfers [ongoing]

increase holders over 5.000

increase Trasfers over 10.000

Intitial Update Project at BSCscan [ongoing]

Q4 / 2022
Phase 02

Development/Release of v1 cashdriver Android/iOS App [in progress]
Development and launch of the first version iOS and Android app with a variety of initial
basic features and ongoing updates.
- For a driven distance
- For a economical driven route

Exchange Listings [in progress]
SavePlanetEarth will list on several exchanges in Q4
Azbit โ€“ Vindax - BankCEX

marketing measure to further spread the APP. [still pending]
- sweepstakes
- airdrops
- Posting ads in relevant forums

Holder / Transfers [ongoing]
increase holders over 10.000
increase Trasfers over 15.000

Initial Request Trust Wallet Logo [still pending]

We are now listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko [still pending]

Nomination of the best drivers [still pending]

The best 5 drivers are awarded every month and receive an extra payment on their stored wallet
The winnings and their amount are always announced on the first of the month.
Every APP user can register for the rally.
Q1 / 2023
Phase 03

expansion of partnerships and cooperations [still pending]
Expand and specialize application areas of the app
- Delivery services
- Driving service
- professional driver
- Long-distance transport and truck driver
- Electric car manufacturer

Tier 1 Exchange Applications [still pending]
Now that SavePlanetEarth will be more established in Q1 2023, multiple Tier 1 Exchanges will be applied
to including but not limited to:
- Binance
- KuCoin
- Huobi Global
Andreas Stein
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Maximillian Appersdorf
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Abraham Friedland
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