BTC $ 3,435.43 5%
ETH $ 90.36 3.99%
MARKET CAP $ 109 bln 5.18%
ICOs 5,112
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ICO Ended
CarVDB is building a new revolutionary technology which will change the conventional concept of how modern date vehicle trade, insurance services and maintenance should be done. As a first step we are moving it on the blockchain.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 03 Mar 2018 - 01 June 2018
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist
Country: Bulgaria
Token info
Ticker: CAR
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 49,978,560 CAR (50%)
Pre-sale Price : 2370 CAR = 1 ETH
ICO Price: 1580 CAR = 1 ETH
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 5888 ETH
Hard cap: 25888 ETH
Q1, 2015
Platform Alpha Released in USA & Spain.

More than 1M Ads Published to Date.
Q1 2018
CarVDB Token Creation EventIn Progress.

Platfrom Beta DevelopmentIn Progress.

CarVDB Black Membership Cards Distribution.
Q4, 2018
Marketing Campaign Kick Off.

Early Adopters Incentives.

Partnerships Anounced.

CAR Token Listed on All Major Exchanges.
Q1, 2019
Platfrom Beta Release in USA & Spain.

Smart Contracts Relese.

Insurance Platfrom Release.

Auctions Platfrom Release.

Growth Pool & Membership Cards Distribution.
Q4, 2019
Platform Release in Canada & Mexico.

VIN Check Feature Release.

Repair Manuals Feature Release.

Maintenance Reports History Release.
Q3, 2020
Platform Release in UK & Germany.

European Partnerships Anounced.

Full Decentralization Begins.
Q4, 2021
Platform Release in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Consider Additional Revenue Streams.

Transition to Public Blockchain.
Q1, 2023
Platform Release in South America.

Revision of Future Strategy.

Announce Next 5 Year Plan.
Screenshots taken 28 Feb 2018
Andreas Müller
Kevin Brown
Product Manager
Evelina Gogova
Business Development Manager
Wei Zhang
Lead Developer
Li Qiang
Senior Developer
Yong Wang
Database & IT Infrastructure Specialist
Alina Tuparova
Design Specialist
Betty Vasileva
Insurance Advisor
Jeremy Anderson
Marketing Advisor

Advisors (0)

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