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BNBMoney - Lending & Investment Platform for the Global Ecosystem BNBM is aiming to be the most used token in the globe. In focus towards various payment solutions. Driving the mass adoption of the Crypto currency into every corner and sides of humanity along with user engagement. The development of solutions for tracking and monitoring trade and financial services is also applied with great sources of income in various levels of individual streams. BNBM aims to achieve a platform, and a unique status of a cryptocurrency that rules the globe as the main means of payment solution in all situation in the globe, as well as industries and individual activities worldwide. Private sale Start Date: Feb 01, 2022 (00:00 AM GMT) End Date: Feb 28, 2022 (00:00 AM GMT) Available Tokens For Sale 50,000,000 BNBM Token price per BNBM; 1 BNBM = 0.001 USD 0.01 BNB=8000 (4000+4000) BNBM Private sale discount (100%)=4000BNBM Presale Start Date: March 01, 2022 (00:00 AM GMT) End Date: March 31, 2022 (00:00 AM GMT) Available Tokens For Sale 50,000,000 BNBM Token price per BNBM; 1 BNBM = 0.002 USD 0.01 BNB=6000 (4000+2000) BNBM Presale discount (50%)=2000BNBM Crowdsale Start Date: APR 01, 2022 (00:00 AM GMT) End Date: Apr 30, 2022 (00:00 AM GMT) Available Tokens For Sale 50,000,000 BNBM Token price per BNBM; 1 BNBM = 0.004 USD 0.01 BNB=5000 (4000+1000) BNBM Crowdsale discount (25%)=1000BNBM

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Pre-sale Time: 01 Mar 2022 - 31 Mar 2022
ICO Time: 01 Apr 2022 - 30 Apr 2022
Token info
Ticker: BNBM
Platform: Binance Chain
Token Type: BEP-20
Pre-sale Price : 1 BNBM = 0.002 USD
ICO Price: 1 BNBM = 0.004 USD
Hard cap: 300,000,000 BNBM
Bonuses: Presale discount (50%)=2000BNBM
Crowdsale discount (25%)=1000BNBM
March 2021

• Idea

• Market Research for Project

• Project Development.

January 2022

• Promotions

• Airdrop

• Token Pre Sale

• Crowd Sales

April 2022

• Listing On PancakeSwap

• BNBMONEY Wallet Launch

• More Developments

• Listing On CoinMarketcap

August 2022

• BNBMONEY(BDEX) Swap Launch

• Listing On Binance

September 2022

• New User Interface Launch

• Partnerships

• Futuristic Development
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Active presents the first in the World Rock-Paper-Scissors Game on Crypto. This popular game from childhood is intended to unite the whole crypto community following the current GameFi trend. The game is easy for understanding to everyone that’s why is expected to have a few hundred thousand users withing just a few months or maybe weeks. Major components of the system such as deposits, withdrawals, the game itself, bank of bonuses are at services of users. has its own BLA token which is the core element of the game. The more BLA tokens and played games the user has, the higher level he is placed in the rating of the system. team took part in Binance Smart Chain GameFi Hackathon on October 18-31, 2021. Experts say BlaBlaGame being a hidden gem is one of the most promising blockchain game 2022.
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Ispolink is cutting-edge automated matchmaking job board platform that leverages Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to address one of the most fundamental challenges that exist nowadays – sourcing and attracting qualified personnel. We strive to empower companies operating in the blockchain and IT domain to fill their positions by providing them a full spectrum of tools to conduct and manage in-house the entire recruitment process efficiently - ranging from candidate sourcing, screening, through the various stages of interviews until the final offer, eliminating the need of intermediaries such as HR agencies. As per the job seekers, the platform is tailored to improve their overall experience by reducing the prolonged job searching, the endless waiting for feedback, coupled with convenience to receive the best offers with only a few clicks. Ispolink’s blockchain based product facilitates the processes for filling roles by providing a full cycle recruitment system. The platform will make the entire recruitment process more transparent, optimized, automated and also to help organizations to enhance their internal communication which will result in substantial cost and time reductions
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Tachyon Protocol is a decentralized internet protocol built on the V SYSTEMS blockchain that aims to create a trusted, stable, fast and reliable decentralized information network. By implementing techniques from DHT, blockchain, UDP and encryption, Tachyon Protocol is committed to building the next generation TCP/IP that can provide a self-sufficient internet environment with high security, untraceability and maximum network speed. As the first application running on V SYSTEMS, Tachyon is powered by X-VPN, which has proven technologies and 50 million existing global users to bring blockchain technology into the mainstream. IPX token is the native cryptocurrency of the Tachyon network that resides on the V SYSTEMS blockchain. The token provides easy and affordable means of sharing spare bandwidth among users, promotes positive development of the network, solves major problems with the organization of the decentralized network and serves as proxy valuation of the overall system.
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