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ETH $ 207.99 8.32%
MARKET CAP $ 266 bln -3.34%
ICOs 5,436


ICO Ended
Bitcomo is a decentralized affiliate marketing network. The new paradigm provided by blockchain technology is ideal for online advertising, for it enables companies to better analyze the data collected from web users. This gives them the opportunity to precisely target audiences on a large scale at a much lower cost compared to traditional marketing tools.

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ICO Time: 01 Dec 2017 - 16 Feb 2018
Country: Singapore
Token info
Ticker: BM
Platform: Waves
Available for sale: 122,400,000 BM (72%)
2016 4Q
Research phase
2017 1Q
Planning of business model and resources
2017 2Q
Team building
2017 3Q
Support and operations team building

Platform development started
October 2017
Development of smart contracts

Start of Pre-ICO

Start of marketing campaign
November 2017
ICO runs for 30 days

Increasing coverage of ICO marketing campaign

Introducing BM Tokens to our partnership token market
December 2017
Start developing main platform

Start of post - ICO tasks including adding BM tokens to trading platforms
January 2018
Release of Bitcomo main platform - Alpha test

Collection of user feedback, requests and voting on features
February 2018
Closed alpha testing with сhosen publishers and advertisers

Modification of the self-serve platform

Sales team development
March - 2018
Beta testing closed

Official release

Increasing coverage of main marketing campaign
April 2018
Bitcomo network scaling on TIER 1 Countries

Start direct marketing campaign to acquire advertisers and grow publisher base
May 2018
Bitcomo network scaling on TIER 2 Countries

Start participation on affiliate conferences
July 2018
Bitcomo network scaling on TIER 3 Countries
2018 3Q
Release of white label and franchise

System optimisation and scaling

Bitcomo Party Conference for our affiliates, advertisers and publishers
2019 1Q
White label smart contract release
Screenshots taken 7 Feb 2018
Ivan Karadzhov
Co-Founder of Bitcomo (CEO AdPop)
Takes part in this project only
Nick Evdokimov
Blockchain Advisor
No participating data
Alex Grus
CMO Bitcomo
No participating data
Lavrentios Penklidis
Head of Public Relations Department
Participates in several projects
Alina Angheluta
LATAM and EU Markets Manager
Takes part in this project only
Ekaterina Kozhina
US and Pacific Asia Markets Manager
Participates in several projects
Tuan Anh
Southeast Asia Markets Manager
Takes part in this project only
Alina Yakubenko
CIS Market Manager
Takes part in this project only
Artem Kravchenko
Event Director
No participating data
Roman Dubina
Bitcomo Platform Developer
Takes part in this project only
Elena Merkulova
CIS Market Manager
No participating data
Alexandra Eltysheva
Head of Publishing Department
No participating data
Liliya Fatyakhdinova
Finance Manager
Takes part in this project only
Pattaraporn Rakkanngan
USA and Asia Markets Manager
Takes part in this project only

Advisors (8)

Constantin Gorshkov
CEO|Managing Partner
No participating data
Gleb Nikitin
CEO of MediaSniper and TraceChain Protocol Inventor
No participating data
Oleg Dronov
Director|Associate Consultant
No participating data
Maksim Mukhortov
Co-Founder of AdNow
No participating data
Sergey Raylyan
Bitcomo Smartcontract developer | TraceChain Protocol Inventor
No participating data
Anastasia Pichugina
Managing Partner AnpLaw | Legal Opinion Advisor
No participating data
Ekaterina Myznikova
Tax Planning Lawyer AnpLaw|Legal Opinion Advisor
No participating data
Aleksey Voronin
PR Adviser|Founder and
No participating data
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Nordcoin Mining
Cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and other blockchain technologies are experiencing a rapid surge in popularity. With a major share of the blockchain infrastructure today dependent on consensus protocols based on proof-of-work (PoW), an efficient and intelligent crypto-mining operation is well positioned to take advantage of the ongoing expansion. NordCoin Mining OÜ is based in the IT-friendly Estonia with operations foreseen across the Nordics. The Mobile Mining Container (MMC) technology developed by NordCoin is a self-sufficientself-contained, remote controlled crypto-mining solution designed to overcome the three most significant variables affecting the profitability of crypto-mining: effective hash rate, cost of energy, and cost of space. In total, 30 MMC's will be activated, with an estimated net profit of $45,000 worth of crypto per month per container.
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Soraix will provide our users with an unprecedented opportunity to share in our revenue. Holders of the Soraix Token will have the ability to trade their SRX Token using a 1:1 peg against Equity Tokens issued on our platform by companies raising capital, regardless of the value of either token. This model will provide traditional users with a one-of-a-kind model to share in our revenue. Corporate users, will have the ability to issue their own Equity Tokens on our platform, enabling them to raise capital at a fraction of the costs assocaited with an IPO.
Earth Token
The Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform and Earth Token cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO) token sale provides a unique opportunity to truly transform the Natural Capital Asset market, by creating a Natural Asset Marketplace that allows all stakeholders in the climate value chain to participate.
HYBRID SYSTEM The combination of the STK token and SCT tokens will allow the blockchain-based hybrid system an application in the real market: SCT stability for the “loyalty point” and STK integrated into the system with specific services and events dedicated to investors and crypto users. Market The loyalty market at the moment is made up of 2.16 billion dollars not exploited and is expected a growth up to 6.9 billion dollars in 2023 .