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A community project... Binaxpad is a DECENTRALISED Multi Chain Launchpad for IDO and NFTs. Founded by a team of blockchain and software developers. Our aim to provide a rug proof system with fair and transparent method of participation.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Dates: TBA
Token info
Ticker: BIPA
Platform: Binance Chain
Token Type: BEP-20
ICO Price: 0.12 USD
QUARTER-3 2021
⚬ ldea Formation
⚬ Team Formation
⚬ Website Finalization
⚬ Blog Finalization
⚬ Social Media Development
⚬ Tokenomics Finalization
⚬ Pitch Deck Finalization
⚬ Core Platform Development

QUARTER-1 2022
⚬ Seeking for Partners
⚬ Core Platfom Finalization
⚬ BIPA Token Contract Development
⚬ Token Contract Auditing
⚬ Seed and Private Sale
⚬ Public Sale
⚬ BipaListing on Pancakeswap
⚬ LP Farming
⚬ NFT Farming
⚬ Aries Upgrading
⚬ Establishment of Venture Capital
⚬ BinaxPad Launch Lab

QUARTER-2 2022
⚬ Marketing Strategy
⚬ Multi-chain Integrated ETH, SOL, AVAX, Polygon, Fantom
⚬ Launchpad Platfom Finalization
⚬ Incubation Program
⚬ First IDO Launch
⚬ Seeking for More Partners
⚬ Seeking for incubated Startups
⚬ Centralized Exchange Listing
⚬ AMM Platfom Development
⚬ NFT Marketplace Development

QUARTER-3 2022
⚬ Marketing Strategy
⚬ Secondary Token for AMM
⚬ AMI Platform Finaliza
⚬ NFTMarketplace Finalization
⚬ DAO for NFT owners Development
⚬ Liquidity Locker Development
⚬ Token Vesting Development
⚬ $BIPA Bridge to other EVM network
⚬ Development

QUARTER-4 2022
⚬ Career Portal
⚬ Marketing Strategy
⚬ DAO for NFT owners Finalization
⚬ Liquidity Locker Finalization
⚬ Token Vesting Finalizaton
⚬ SBIPA Bridge Finalization

QUARTER-1 2023
⚬ Marketing Strategy
⚬ BinaxSwap Lottery Development
⚬ BinaxSwap Prediction (Rise or Fall)
⚬ Exploring the Metaverse
⚬ Add more metaverse Assests
⚬ Portal for Avater Creation
⚬ BinaxPad Loans Development
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ICO List
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