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Simple and safe betting between people practically on anything, anytime.

BET EVENT is a unique platform where your new betting experience begins. This platform is provided with modern technologies and has its own ecosystem which is designed for people who want to bet directly with each other without a third party bookmaker.

The BET EVENT platform is dedicated not only to hard-core gamblers but also to beginners. Our goal is to help YOU spend your time well, win and come back here again and again.

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White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 28 Aug 2018 - 27 Oct 2018
ICO Time: 28 Oct 2018 - 27 Jan 2019
Country: Lithuania
Token info
Ticker: BETEC
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 75,000,000 BETEC (80%)
Pre-sale Price : 1 BETEC = 0.00014 ETH
ICO Price: 1 BETEC = 0.00018 ETH
Accepting: ETH
Soft cap: 1,581 ETH
Hard cap: 17,838 ETH

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2017 2Q
The idea and project development started We decided to create a betting platform customized for people to communicate with each other with the help of blockchain technology.
2017 2Q
Team building

Once we had a theoretical principle of the platform functioning plan we knew what kind of professionals we will need to work with us on this project. We held a contest with various tests. These tests were solved by different people and, after reviewing the results, we decided who is fit to work with us.
2017 3Q
ICO creation started

We gathered all the people like a Web developer, Web designers, advertisement creators, authors of the texts and other professionals in one place. Together we have set up this project which we want to present to you today.
2018 1Q
BETEC Token creation

We created the cryptocurrency, the BETEC Token, which is the spark of BET EVENT engine, based on Ethereum.
2018 1Q
BET EVENT Demo version creation

The BET EVENT platform demo version was created when all the completed works were combined in one place.
2018 3Q
Bet Event Demo version release

You have the opportunity to physically touch the idea of the project.
2018 3Q
Pre-ICO start

Although we have enthusiasts in our ranks who work very hard to implement a common idea, but this is not enough. Building a platform is a complex process that requires other resources as well. The advance sale of BETEC crypto currency starts at a reduced price.
2018 3 Q - 2019 1 Q
ICO (Stages 1 2 3)

The main sale of BETEC tokens starts. The sale is divided into three parts. The end of one part means the beginning of another part. The price of a token increases at this point.
2018 3 Q - 2019 1 Q
Active phase of BET EVENT platform development

Upon reaching the soft cap, financial resources are distributed for further work on the platform. The work of programming, design development and platform testing is still in progress.
2018 3 Q - 2019 1 Q
Listing BETEC Token on an exchange

The BETEC Token is accepted and launched on the largest exchanges. This means that people can trade BETEC tokens in the global market.
2019 1Q - 2 Q
Bet Event Beta online

An online version of BET EVENT Beta is released allowing its users to bet with each other. At the same time, the work of the platform is being monitored and errors are fixed.
2019 2-3 Q
BET EVENT full version launch

Finally, the full version of the platform is released where all the fun and curiosity. You will begin your new experience of betting here.
Screenshots taken 1 Sep 2018
Ignas Gutauskas
CEO and Co-Founder
Gabrielius Gutauskas
Product development and Co-Founder
Robertas Venckevicius
Head of Desingn and Animation team
Mykolas Malaiska
Lead Programmer and Co-Founder
Mantas Karveckas
Business Development and Co-Founder
Tomas Viteika
Lead Marketing specialist and Co-Founder

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