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Athos Meta

ICO start in 37 days
Athos Meta is the “biological son” of the Athos Meta Capital. Possessing a diverse ecosystem and experienced human resources, Athos Meta will surprise investors with its certainty, transparency, and long-term profits. Born in early 2022. Athos Meta is a decentralized blockchain and orients itself to be the first ecosystem owning 5 spectacular areas: Auto Bot Trade, Farming, Staking, Gaming and Betting that brings maximum profit to investors and holders. “The money will be automatically generated and be returned to your wallet constantly - said of Athos Meta - Sebastian Spencer. We are transparent in finance and in every step of our team. We strive to improve our ecosystem along with KYC and audit, hoping investors feel secure when accompanying Athos Meta.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
ICO Time: 02 Nov 2022 - 31 Dec 2022
Whitelist/KYC: KYC
Token info
Ticker: ATM
Platform: Binance Chain
Available for sale: 120,000,000 ATM
Total supply: 0.00 ATM
ICO Price: 1 BNB = 50,000 ATM
Accepting: BNB
Soft cap: 600 BNB
Hard cap: 1200 BNB
Phase 1:
Gather Athos Meta team
Generate idea for AThos Meta Ecosystem
Design website
Prepare white paper
Outline marketing campaign
Build community on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Medium
Airdrop and Bounty campaign
Technical structure for the interface
Create Trading engine
TradingView integration Integration of Binance, Okex, Mexc, Houbi, Gate
Multicurrency functions
Athos Dapp notification
UI/UX Design Implemented
Metamask, Trust wallet and other Dapp integration
Release Bot Trade and launch staking 1 top coins program
Phase 2:
Complete and release Staking Platform with 2 stable coins: BNB, BUSD
Push hard Marketing campaign
KOLs, Influencers coporation
Carry-out Airdrop distribution procedure
KYC and Audit with ContractChecker
Tokenomic Distribution
Open Seed Round and Private Sale on Athos Meta website
Listing $ATM on CoinmarketCap
Presale $ATM on Pinksale
Listing $ATM on Pancakeswap
Coingecko and listing
Game Design
Fish Gaming concept
Release General Athos Meta Farming structure
Phase 3:
Choose Farming Pair
Release Staking with $ATM
Interest and APY for Farming
Keeping pushing marketing campaign
Negotiate with KOLs, influencers
Release Farming system with 5 pairs coin
Art gaming design concept
Business plan for NFT
Airdrop game event
Working with VC and Backers.
Phase 4:
Fish Gaming testnet version
Fishing guns equipment features upgrading
Community event and competitions
Game release New features on Fishing Town game: New map, New In-game Items, New NFTs
Game release 1.1 - Mobile (Android and IOS)
Mainet game releasing
Phase 5:
Listing $ATM on CEX: Bybit, Gate, MECX
Expand marketing campaign to raise $ATM value
Updating Farming functions with 3 more pair coins: ADA - ATM, HOT CROSS - ATM, DOT - ATM
Press PR release
Dextools, Coinzilla advertisement
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