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APIS Beechain

ICO Ended
Adopt a bee family - allows you to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of helping bee families, as adoptive hive parent.

Get connected with nature even when time and space don’t permit, being involved directly in the beekeeping managerial process.

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ICO Time: 15 May 2018 - 15 June 2018
Token info
Ticker: APIS
Available for sale: 80,000,000 APIS (80%)
ICO Price: 1 APIS = 0.012 USD
Accepting: BTC
Soft cap: 100,000 USD
Hard cap: 960,000 USD
Q1 2018

-Phase 1 : Elaboration of the project and early implementation.


-Generate the idea, prepare APISMELLIFERA.IO

APIS Foundation

-Defining the scope of APIS Mellifera Foundation.
Q2 2018

-Phase 2 : -Identifying the required resources. Start populating the Alpha colony.

-Prepare warehouse/storage location.

SDD . Online Store , Defining platform functionality.

APIS Foundation

-Allocate resources to prepare and equip the locations for: Art/Creation Department, Eco-

Lab Department and Innovation Department.
Q3 2018

-Phase3 : -Finalize the Apiaries from the Alpha colony (first 2 clusters).

-Prepare warehouse/storage location.


-Finalize online store, start working at trading Platform.

APIS Foundation

-Start populate the Risk Management Cluster (20% of initial Alpha Colony).

-Finalize CCTV implementation.
Q4 2018

-Phase4: -Defining the directions of development scheme for Alpha colony (2018) and Beta

colony ( Q2 – 2019) for the next year


-Storage/Trading platform basic functionality.

APIS Foundation

-Release the BeeHive diagnostic and monitoring station.

-Working at the new concept of Hive to be tested in Q2 2019.
Q1 2019

– Preparing the implementation process of Beta colony. Identifying the requested resources

and prepare the acquisition/adoption process


-Third level domain online store for Alpha colony Adopters.
Q2 2019

-Populating Alpha colony (stage 2 of development) and Beta colony (stage 1 of development).


-Fully functional Storage/Trading Platform.
Q3 2019

-Defining the implementation process of Gamma colony.

-Unlocking percent of tokens for Alpha colony adopters.


-Integrate another products in the Platform, create the economic links between different products.
Q4 2019

-Prepare the 2020 stages of the Alpha and Beta colonies, identifying the required resources.


-Implement in the Platform the innovations generated by APIS Foundation.
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Ciprian Farcas
No participating data
Florin Ancau
No participating data
Adrian Farcas
APIS BDD Operational Manager
No participating data
Popa Mihai
Web/Platform Lead Dev
Takes part in this project only
Racz Alexandru
Development Engineer
No participating data
Bogdan Florescu
Carpenter Workshop Manager
No participating data
Doru Gherban
Beekeeping Advisor / Operational Manager
No participating data
Thomas Neumann
Beekeeping Advisor / Apiaries Manager
No participating data
Karina Virvoni
Eco-Lab Department
No participating data
Radu Miclea
Visual Content Creator
No participating data

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