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84Hub Token

84hub aims to create an alternative unique ‘fee-free’ protocol for building decentralized applications.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Dates: TBA
Token info
Ticker: HUBT
Platform: Binance Chain
Token Type: BEP-20
Available for sale: 700,000,000 HUBT
ICO Price: 1 BNB = 150000 HUBT
Quarter 4 2021

Launching an IDO
1st Phase of IDO will be launched.

Quarter 1 2022
Listing of HUBT on Biggest DEX
84hub Token will be listed on PancakeSwap.

Quarter 2 2022
Development of 84HuB Super Chain
Focused Development of 84HuB Super Chain. Spreading awareness regarding 84hub Project and reason of it's existence and need, Educating and answering the concerns of the community.

Quarter 3 2022
Launch of 84HuB Super Chain & HUBC (84HuB Coin)
84Hub SuperChain Mainnet & Testnet will be Released. HUBC will be available for swap with HUBT.

Quarter 4 2022
Launch of 84HuB Swap DEX.
84HubSwap will be available to Enjoy Fee-Free Swaps and Various other Uses.

To Be Continued.....
Future Upcoming Projects on Super Chain:

* NFT Platform

* State of Art Metaverse

* Next Gen Play to Earn Gaming Platform

* 84 Launch Pad

* Social HUB (No Cancel Culture)

* 84HuB Decentralized Crypto Banking

* 84HuB ATMs

* 84HuB Payment gateway & POS Integration

List will be Continued...
Manjinder Singh
Founder / Developer of 84HuB Superchain
Takes part in this project only
Participates in a number of projects
Participates in a number of projects
Participates in a number of projects

Advisors (2)

R.S Bajwa
Investor / Advisor
Participates in a number of projects
Shadi Ayoub
Advisor / Blockchain Developer
Participates in several projects
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