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3WM is a project aiming to overcome contamination around the world, and it is dedicated to 3 areas: water, waste, and mobility. 3WM offers global and innovative solutions using blockchain technology. It supports companies to combat soil, water, and air pollution and supports investors through environmental actions. The 3WM platform provides the opportunity to reward 3WM tokens by proposing local or international creativities while helping the environment. It also can be considered as a solution to overcome contamination and to grow constantly. Moreover, Blockchain technologies provide the chance to change the shareholder system to the stakeholder and reward the stakeholders for their involvement in fighting pollution.
3WM loads waste & plastic waste into value;
By converting it into bioenergy, waste & plastic waste are now becoming raw materials.
3WM rewards people for waste;
In the 3WM Platform, people can exchange their trash and plastics or ecological actions for 3WM Tokens.
3WM develops innovative eco-technology in the future;
3WM is investing in and upgrading 200 new waste, water, and mobility technologies.

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Token info
Ticker: 3WM
Platform: Binance Chain
Total supply: 0.00 3WM
2010 – Q2 2018

Creation of Innovation Solar Holding AG
Launch of the LOGOIL (Plastic To Fuel) project
Research & Development (Water, Waste & Mobility)
Acquisition of patented technologies and brands (Water, Waste & Mobility)
Q3 – 2018
Birth of the 3WM project
Decision to use the Blockchain and create a cryptocurrency dedicated to environmental solutions and the circular economy.
Creation of the 3WM Coin Invest group in Switzerland by Swiss and French investors
Q4 – 2018
Launch of strategic partnerships for the 3 pillars (Water, Waste & Mobility)
White paper design
Q1 – 2019
Acquisition of the Mulhouse site (first ETC in France) and creation of an SCI 3WM Pulversheim.
Creation of the new concept of the country franchise. (the environmental supermarket).
Q2 – 2019
Development and start-up of the Pulversheim site (Mulhouse France)
Launch of the 3WM token communication
Q3 Q4 – 2019
Investment in the “Plastic To FUEL” industrial pilot, financed by equity
Q1 – 2020
3WM Token and eco fees smart contract development
Airdrop & Bounty program 3WM distribution
Q2 – 2020
Specification of the 3WM V1 marketplace based on the whitepaper
Q3 – 2020
7 first partners decide to settle on the first ETC 3WM in France
Strategic partnerships
Business acquisitions
3WM Token and eco fees smart contract Airdrop & Bounty program 3WM distribution
Q1 – Q3 2021
Switzerland FINMA grant
The 3WM foundation becomes the majority shareholder of the 3WM group
Reorganization of the 3WM Group
Installation of the equipment of the first ETC
Strengthening of sales, marketing, sales and technical teams
Creation of various subsidiaries of 3WM Worldwide (Switzerland, FRANCE)
Listing Negotiation with Crypto Exchanges
Q4 – 2021
Design phase of the 3WM marketplace
The first 3WM subsidiary in Africa (Morocco)
Listing of the 3WM token in exchanges (DEX & CEX)
Exhibition at Pollutec in Lyon in October 2021
Sponsoring in Malta AI & Blockchain Summit
New partnership announcement
Q1 – 2022
3WM eco fees activated on the ERC20 contract
The launch of the 3WM ecological LABEL marketplace
Q2 – 2022
3WM Wallet integration on the marketplace
Crypto and Fiat credit card payment available
Airdrop and Bounty ecological actions reward
Q3 – 2022
First 3WM innovation grant program launched for Europe
Communication of the granted companies and unlock of funds to finance them
Q4 – 2022
3WM exhibition in Pulversheim dedicated to sustainable innovation
Beta version 3WM marketplace
Creation of the first ECO TECH CENTER in Africa (Morocco)
Second 3WM innovation grant program launched for Africa
Communication of the granted companies and unlock of funds to finance them
Airdrop and Bounty ecological actions reward

Creation of the first ECO TECH CENTER in the United Arab Emirates (DUBAI)
Second 3WM innovation grant program launched for Middle East
Communication of the granted companies and unlock of funds to finance them
Airdrop and Bounty ecological actions reward
President - Shareholder
Takes part in this project only
Nabil El Aichaoui
Takes part in this project only
Gabriel J. PEÑA
International Business Development Manager
Takes part in this project only

Advisors (3)

Rémy Ozcan
Blockchain Expert
Takes part in this project only
Christophe Ozcan
Blockchain Expert
Participates in several projects
Frederic Rohmer
Renewable Energy Expert
Takes part in this project only
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