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410 Views 3quality is a charitable platform designed to give back to those who are in need or organizations like hospitals that provide free services which may need equipment. Our platform will be hosting a treasure hunt where users collect free crypto currencies. This will encourage more persons to the platform. With the platform having a lot of users through this appealing method, it will also be appealing to advertisers. We will then sell ad spots to advertisers and also businesses who want to gain foot traffic to their organization using the map within the treasure hunt. (For example, a new coffee shop can choose to give away free coffees or a shoe store can give 10percet discount to anyone buying shoes). Of all the revenue we raise we will be giving 15% back to our charitable causes. We will also be hosting the wallet for charitable organizations. Two popular ones have show interest in using our platform already. How we will choose who receives help will be through reading boards. Ppersons requesting help will be required to provide proof that they need an operation or what ever aid they need with supporting documents. A reading board will evaluate this information and validate it by calling the various organizations. Once the person checks out as valid, we will offer assistance. For the charity side to irradiate fraud which happens within many popular charities, we will have a vigorous validation process where persons from that organizations cannot complete any transactions without authorization from multiple members. All board members will be notified when a transaction takes place to eliminate underhand transactions. All transactions must be keyed before even submitting

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