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Alpha Bet

Full-Service, Data-Driven, Boutique Blockchain, Crypto and ICO Marketing specialists.
A Google Partner Agency and HubSpot Certified Partner Firm, Alpha Bet specializes in Advising, Strategizing, and Executing customized Marketing, Advertising & PR initiatives that are geared to suit the particular objectives of our clients. Bridging the gaps to help your ICO/ITO stand out of the crowd. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for the booming ICO market, and no one knows that better than us, and our customizable process towards each project proves just that.
Over the years, Alpha Bet, and its team, have taken chances, experimented, and worked towards fine-tuning processes and requirements according to clients’ needs, according to geographies, according to timelines and according to budgets. There’s no task too small, and there’s definitely no requirement too large. As good marketers do, we’ve pinpointed gaps in the market, according to industry, and targeted those markets for our own growth. When we say nothing’s impossible, we actually mean it.
They say you should be the one to define your brand before someone else defines it for you. When we decided one day that there’s so much more we could provide brands and companies looking for branding and marketing know-how, we created Alpha Bet. When we saw a gap in the targeting of individuals and a severe lack of personal branding capabilities, we created SaundCheck, an arm of the business to help with just that. Over the course of just a year, we’ve worked with musicians, actors, models, and solopreneurs. With the takeover of e-commerce, we saw too many businesses struggling to beat the herd, and we focused an arm of business towards a Start-Up Accelerator. And now, with the blockchain revolution we’ve created Alpha ICO to fill that gap. It’s how we work, and that’s the drive we bring to your business.

Company services: Website Design & Development, Whitepaper design, Concept Validation, ICO Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Investor Outreach, Influencer Marketing, Events, Digital Capabilities, Social Media Marketing, Community Management, Bounty Programs, Advertising, PR, Brand Development, Marketing Collateral, Ratings Submissions, Listing Submissions, Exchange Submission
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Country: India
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Foster your idea with thoughtful approach
An agency that provides technical, analytical and marketing set of services to projects that are willing to conduct an ICO.

Company services: Web development, Token creation, Public relations, Community management, Social media, Content marketing, WEB Design, Whitepaper, Market analysis, Promotion video, Project analysis, Translation, Advisory, Marketing.
ICO Investment Advisory
ICO Investment Advisory with large experience in venture capital and private equity deals. Founder carried out a huge number of investment deals, totaling more than $300 million.

Company services: ICO Investment Advisory
Russian Federation
Your #1 website to get your ICO listed on a 100+ ICO listings
List your ICO on 100+ ICO listings.

Company services: Listing ICO in 100+ ICO listings
Iasi, Romania
Crypto advertising network, ico advertising, crypto advertising agency, ico advertising agency, bitc
Coinzilla is a crypto advertising network that was founded in 2016. Since 2016, we have successfully completed more than 1000 advertising campaigns. For the moment we are in the top 3 crypto-advertising networks. We are providing a variety of promotion methods, such as floating and IAB banners, the brand-new press release system, design, copywriting services, lead generation or lead funnel optimization. All our promotion methods will send you traffic from the top referrers websites from the industry like,,, and others. Coinzilla bitcoin advertising network provides flexible marketing packages, designed to satisfy the needs of all customers, whether they are newbies in the crypto industry, or they have already achieved notoriety. The platform is designed very intuitively so you can quickly understand all its functions, and the customer support is always at your service with useful tips when you need it.

Company services: Banner Advertising on top crypto websites, PR/Media Publications, PR/Media Distribution, Design, Copywriting, Lead Generation, Lead Funnel Optimization
New Zealand
A full service ICO marketing firm with guerilla experience.
CryptoBoost will help you promote and manage your ICO. We specialize in guerrilla marketing campaigns that raise organic awareness for Blockchain based projects. We’ve been in the scene for a while. In early 2013, we came into the Blockchain sector as investors. By 2016, we realized that guerrilla marketing tactics have a huge impact in the Blockchain advertising. We took our first clients in 2017, and everything else is history.

Company services: Telegram Management & Engagement, ICO listing, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing, Web Design, Bounty Management & Airdrops, PR Outreach, Organic Reddit Advertising, Organic 4Chan Advertising
Lvovo g. 105a, Vilnius Lithuania

TokenDesk is a direct token marketplace for cryptocurrency crowdfunding, giving investors a solution to purchase Initial Coin Offerings Tokens in a faster, safer and more reliable way. By being at the forefront of knowledge and development in the crypto industry, TokenDesk helps its clients to compete and lead in their operational fields. Therefore, with the aim to assist ICO publishers and ease their ICO execution, TokenDesk provides necessary solutions to conquer arisen challenges in regards to a successful ICO market entry. Services it offers: TokenDesk platform services: Listing on TokenDesk’s ‘We Love’ section. ‘We Love’ is a premium ICO listing which is placed on the top of the main TokenDesk website page. This feature helps to increase ICO awareness and bring an interest from the potential investors.  TokenDesk crowdsale solution: enables any ICO to accept FIAT and + 60 crypto currencies instantly without any coding. No payment limitations help to broaden ICO investors’ audience. Availability to purchase ICO tokens directly through TokenDesk: all TokenDesk platform users will be able to purchase ICO tokens not only through the ICO platform, but also directly through TokenDesk. This will increase a possibility to grow ICO token sales. Banner advertising: TokenDesk provides banner ads service to promote ICO displaying it’s ad at the top of on the main TokenDesk page. The banner ad can take the visitor from the host website to the advertiser’s website or a specific landing page. Therefore, it will increase awareness of an ICO and traffic to its website.

Company services: Wallet solution, ICO audit with rankings and suggestions, ICO Whitepaper audit, Jurisdiction and company establishment services, TokenDesk can open companies in U.K., Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Switzerland, Due diligence: legal advice on token utility/security, legal disclaimer, terms’& conditions’ review prepared by international Law company, Tokenisation and Smart Contract development, SC audit (third party services), Marketing: tailored marketing plan and strategy development; digital marketing services; news updates on crypto portals; ICO listing services; relationships with influencers, affiliates; airdrop and referral systems; community management services, Exchange listing services, Post ICO marketing.