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ETH $ 2,652.46 8.34448%
MARKET CAP $ 1638 bln 4.9%
ICOs 7,128

Yearn Shark Finance

Active Airdrop
Yearn Shark Finance DeFi project with its own YSKF SWAP Exchange and Staking Platform.
YSKF is a governance token that is used to gain staking rewards in the Shark Staking Eco-System. Staking rewards are not derived from earnings The reward that is received in the process of staking is actually a proportion of the limited pool of tokens. It is not derived from the companies profits or earnings.
End Date
0.15 YSKF
Max. Rewards
β‰ˆ 13.5 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Yearn Shark Finance Airdrop is live !!!
Get 0.15 ($13.5) YSKF For Joining, for each referral - Get 0.05 ($4.5) YSKF.

We'll check your all information manually.Β If you don't complete tasks, you'll never get any YSKF Token.


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