BTC $ 36,837.91 2.7923%
ETH $ 2,652.46 8.34448%
MARKET CAP $ 1638 bln 4.9%
ICOs 7,029

Yearn Finance Money

Ended Airdrop
Yearn Finance Money is an ERC20 based platform that aims to make swap, farm, lend and vault easier. The YFIM platform simplifies investor interaction with the DeFi protocol which is made easier and also provides access to services such as Swap, Farm, Lend, and Vault directly in one place.
30 Nov 2020
End Date
0.004 YFIM
Max. Rewards
≈ 6 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

YFIM Airdrop

Join to get Free 0.004 YFIM (~$6) + 0.002 YFIM for each referral


Start the bot and pass human verification

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