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MARKET CAP $ 979 bln 3.59%
ICOs 6,465

Universal Reward Protocol

Ended Airdrop
By accepting to share their shopping data with the network, a shopper earns reward tokens, while the data is used by retailers to build redemption offers that best suit each customer’s needs. Shoppers can redeem their tokens through these exclusive and personalized offers.
15 Aug 2018
End Date
Max. Rewards
15 - 1,000 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Universal Reward Protocol, a blockchain-based protocol where retailers can reward shoppers for multiple behaviors like simply visiting the store. 

1,200,000 URP tokens (120,000€) to 5K people passing their quiz


Join them on Telegram 

Go to their website to gather information

Take the quiz

Wait and see if you pass. If you do the minimum reward is 15€ and the maximum reward is 1000€ worth of URP tokens


Telegram Account
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