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Task Token

Active Airdrop
Task Token (TSK) Is A SimpleLedger (SLP) Token version of the BitcoinCash (BCH) Blockchain. That aim to start it's own and one of a kind platform and game
31 Dec 2020
End Date
1,250 TSK
Max. Rewards
≈ 1,250 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description



Check the link to the Google sheet and fill in your information to be able to receive the airdrop. (Don't submit exchange wallets, for current and future events.)

Check the sheet regularly and update your own entry if necessary.

Go to the official website on contact & about us page, scroll to the end of the page. On the chat section write your name same on airdrop sheet, say hi and add your s/n on the airdrop sheet (mandatory).

The sheet is publicly published so any participants can check the progress of the airdrop and future airdrops, please do not play with the data entry of other user's.

The sheet is publicly published so any participants can update his information before the distribution date, please do not play with the data entry of other user's.


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