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Tailored Social Network

Active Airdrop
Welcome to our 1 of 3 Airdrop which will run till Christmas 2021
10,000T$M for the 1st 1000 new Users to our Telegram Group.

Tailored Social Market (T$M) coin is the world’s first decentralised cryptocurrency that allows all social media users to turn social media traffic into financial value.
The biggest market in the world today is accessible to every through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn.
T$M coin has been developed to ensure that every time spent on social media platforms could be transformed through our smart contracts into monetary value.

We are moving into our next phase and ensuring the distribution of coins, we are giving away 10,000,000 T$M in total to our new users who join our new Telegram group.
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Airdrop Description

To Qualify;
Donate to our project, we are requesting a minimum donation of $50 per User. (Don't forget to take a screenshot of your payment)

Bitcoin donation - bc1q55muxlzjdhnw0rxmmrcfsr5hkyumr8yp8tu7un

Ethereum donation - 0x35927b49dc9e56E85686904D627723f651bfa81c

BNB donation - bnb1uzgaqa6mne04sudsphwtjjt6gwzqtku3cuamcd

Dogecoin donation - DEe9MkxBCFhuApDWqu6E62Ggq6eY6rVCcb

Dot donation - 13zKAaUj1hiLo2PD7WQDN6jFbE7FV2U6YhNnuKcrws7SAEk5

Add T$M contract address to your wallet using (Metamask, Trustwallet etc) -


Join the Telegram page and post a comment DONE


We will credit your T$M wallet with a minimum of 10,000 for the first 1000 new users to the group

Don't forget - we will never ask for your details or security details. Please do not provide any personal details to users on any of our platforms.


Telegram Account
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