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ETH $ 2,652.46 8.34448%
MARKET CAP $ 1638 bln 4.9%
ICOs 7,380


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23 Dec 2021
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Other Interesting Airdrops
≈ 150 USD
BMB is the core token of BMBCoin Ecosystem . It is used in governance of the protocol and in various Features BMB is an up and coming popular method for cryptocurrency owners to gain passive income. It involves taking advantage of various incentives rewards for locking up (or staking) different cryptocurrencies. This whitepaper focuses on the BMBCoin Finance farming mechanism for the BMB token which we hope will become one of the highest performing yield farming pools
≈ 0 USD
Token Milky Way
What is Milky Way token? Exchange Milky Way Token is a governance token generated within the Bunker Life Club portal. Within the bunker life club portal you can exchange for MWAY / CSN and use token tramboliko with the products and services offered by the platform. At Bunker Life Club we say goodbye to Scams The Tramboliko token project is governed by the Bunker Life Club platform (The token incubator) Bunker Life Club is a platform that facilitates the creation of token projects and the association of investors for projects under development. In Bunker Life Club you can: – Create ERC20, BEP20, WAVES tokens – Create projects in shared groups – Staking and winning
≈ 0 USD
We will give 1 million STAIRS Token for 1.000 winner PER WEEK for 10 weeks
≈ 0 USD
NFTPAD is airdropping 10M $NPAD (5% of C.Supply) tokens to 25K eligible participants. (max limit. 25K participants) JOINING REWARD: 200 $NPAD ($10) REFERRAL REWARD: 20 $NPAD per referral ($1)
≈ 0 USD
Cozensystem Optimized solution on the Hecochain platform
Optimized solution on the Hecochain platform.The Cozensystem uses blockchain to reward trustworthy actors and ensure reviews and ratings can’t be manipulated.
≈ 0 USD
Lumiere Trust Fund
Lumiere is a trust funded token to launch a exchange and be the native coin on that exchange, exchange will be launched in near future as the funds are being collected from the native token.