BTC $ 11,687.17 4.02731%
ETH $ 398.67 2.71065%
MARKET CAP $ 353 bln 3.23%
ICOs 6,134


Ended Airdrop
qiibee is revolutionizing the loyalty industry with the latest technological innovations. By bringing loyalty programs to the blockchain, it is able to help brands and retailers reduce inefficiencies while offering customers real-life value in exchange for their points.
31 Aug 2018
End Date
710 QBX
Max. Rewards
โ‰ˆ 50 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

qiibee Airdrop Challenge

What are you waiting for? Join our Telegram channel and start earning.

qiibee's airdrop is LIVE till the end of the TGE!

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Sign up for qiibee's Crowdsale!

Using the link you received in the mail, refer a friend to sign up for the qiibee Crowdsale! For every friend you refer you will receive an additional 80 QBX!

Invite 3 friends who join the group and stay in the group.

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Go to qiibee's Medium blog and give 50 claps to the 3 latest articles.

Send 10 engaging messages in the group.

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Send 1 message in the group for 7 days.

Participate in qiibee's bounty campaign!

Win qiibee's quiz in the Telegram group

Complete all of the above and earn some bonus points.


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