BTC $ 8,446.96 -2.55892%
ETH $ 163.38 -2.85829%
MARKET CAP $ 232 bln -2.94%
ICOs 5,682


Active Airdrop
Lukki exchange is designed in such a way that you can start your trading path with maximum comfort and all the necessary tools.
Enjoy the user-friendly interface and get an in-depth experience in crypto assets trading. Trade on Lukki and see how easy, pleasant and clear trading can be.
25 Jan 2020
End Date
2,837,939 LOT
Max. Rewards
≈ 19,000 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

We are happy to announce that Lukki holds Grand Giveaway for its clients. The overall prize pool more than $200,000 in crypto: BTC and LOT.


To start, one needs to follow the bot’s instructions to get his price. Do the tasks and get more tickets to increase your chances.

1 Ticket = 1 Chance To Win

Prize Pool

Overall, there will be 2040 rewards. 10 winners will receive $80,000 in BTC.

  • $19,000 in BTC + 15,000 LOT
  • $15,000 in BTC + 13,000 LOT
  • $12,000 in BTC + 10,000 LOT
  • $10,000 in BTC + 8,000 LOT
  • $8,000 in BTC + 7,000 LOT
  • $6,000 in BTC + 6,000 LOT
  • $4,000 in BTC + 4,000 LOT
  • $3,000 in BTC + 3,000 LOT
  • $2,000 in BTC + 2,000 LOT
  • $1,000 in BTC + 1,000 LOT

The rest 2020 winners will receive $20 each and 10 winners will get $1,000 in LOT tokens.


Main tasks:

Create an account on Lukki to participate in the giveaway.

Join our telegram. You should not leave the chat until giveaways finishes.

Additional tasks:

Refer friends. Share your link to gain more tickets! You’ll receive two tickets for every person you refer to. If your referral deposit, you get $5 in LOT tokens*.

Make posts. Make posts about Lukki on your social media or blog and get an extra 3 tickets for each one. All links will be checked after the end of the campaign, scammers will be restricted.


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