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Fliostarter Token Sale Launchpad

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Fliostarter Token Sale Launchpad
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Fliostarter Token Sale Launchpad


- follow Fliostarter official twitter :

- join fliostarter official telegram Community group :

- join fliostarter official telegram Announcement :

- retweet this tweet using hashtags #flio #DEFI #BSC #fliostarter and tag three (03) friends:


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ManorLand Web3 Metaverse Blockchain Infrastructure for Land, NFT, Video, Media & Entertainment, Asset, explore and trade in the first-e
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WuuTrade Token
WuuTrade is a blue ocean idea, unlike any financial platform ever developed. With WuuTrade, we have brought a new perspective to the financial markets and made trading as enjoyable as possible. Our R&D team continues to develop WuuTrade continuously to achieve strong work in the financial markets with WuuTrade, an unprecedented and unprecedented financial simulation. Trade accelerated historical charts of your desired financial instrument in WuuTrade. Our mission is to educate traders on making quality decisions without losing money. We don’t demonstrate boring live charts unlike Demo Accounts. In WuuTrade charts are as quick as tick charts, serving as 1 bar per 3 seconds. Even when you play a 3-minute match, you will be trading several years of data. You will learn faster, you will see more formations and you will find a way to win without losing money. WuuTrade is completely free and has many artificial intelligence mechanics so that anyone can improve and become a good trader. It has many match options such as tournaments, live matches, public rooms, and options to set up your own private room. Per each achievement, a user receives a badge and rewards. Build a reputable image by collecting achievements, increasing your level, and getting your name into our Leaderboard. WuuTrade will have an order routing system, where users can send orders directly from WuuTrade, and include real-trade statistics to their profile. WuuTrade AI will also drop hints to help traders improve their trading statistics. WuuDrop rewards are given to you as WuuNFT. Wuu Live NFT, Wuu Craft NFT, Wuu Badge NFT and 3 types of Wuu Tournament NFT are available. Burn your WuuNFT to get an instant reward, sell it in our exchange. Hold, collect various WuuNFTs, craft a WuuNFT Craft and get a higher reward. Our WuuNFT rewards are very generous and it is a winning system that we have organized to encourage all good traders. WUUT winners will be shared with you every day in the app. See details in our Whitepaper. WuuTrade will also have its own WuuAcademy with educational content prepared by professionals. WuuAcademy will have several sections and levels to match learners' needs and experience.
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Brickken is a blockchain based tokenization platform allowing to tokenize businesses and assets, providing investors opportunities to earn passive income. We are a provider of decentralised token issuance technology. Our mission statement is to help asset owners around the world raise decentralised funding utilising blockchain-based technology, giving individuals and businesses the chance to generate passive revenue. Brickken is providing the tools needed to tokenize the world.

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Dogevers Coin is Hyper-deflationary with an integrated smart staking system built in to reward you, so more Dogevers coins are being automatically added to your wallet each transaction. Simply Love, fire and watch your Dogevers grow.
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