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EcoOrganic token

Active Airdrop
EcoOrganic Token holder will be automatically rewarded with passive income. All you have to do is own it and watch it grow. For each transaction a fee of 4% is charged. (2%) goes proportionally to you as a holder. (2%) is used to provide liquidity. More liquidity ensures a higher price stability, even if larger amounts of EcoOrganic are sold at once. Project Saanjh will interduce in 2022, we build own mini and mega stores and ties up with different companies, accept payments in crypto and flat currency. Most important part in Project Saanjh we distribute profits 10% to farmers crypto wallets and 10% to consumers crypto wallets.
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EcoOrganic Airdrop

EcoOrgainc is programmed to reward holders do charity and built on transparency and trust. EcoOrganic is a community-driven BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).We continue on down to the future NFT projects and Gaming Platform we are developing, We do charity against poverty and support EcoOrganic farming. We have a roadmap laid out that involves us getting on multiple exchanges before launching our own exchange, Swap.

Total reserve token Bounty & Airdrop 2,000,000,000 EOC
Reward for #Airdrop: 30000 EOC


1. You must join the EcoOrgainc Telegram Group and channel

2.You must follow EcoOrgainc official twitter account

3. You must retweet and like tweets by @EcoorganicT (minimum tag 3 friends )

4. you must follow us on medium



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