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Active Airdrop
Dr. Shank NFT Airdrop program is worth 10 Dr Shank Eagle NFTs for 10 random lucky winners.

By owning unique and truly awesome Dr. Shank’s Eagles NFT Art, you stand a chance to earn up to 3% of the total reward pool in $Ethereum.

About Dr. Shank NFT

Dr. Shank Eagles is an NFT collection of 9’999 unique “D art pieces created as an exciting digital world for the fans and enthusiasts of Golf & Blockchain. Owning a Dr Shank Eagle NFT allows you to participate in the project, be a member of the club, and experience the benefits of the Roadmap.

Eagles are nesting in the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-721). Owning One of the Dr Shank's Eagles is your pass to enter the most exclusive Golf community ever created, receive exclusive merchandising, and stand a chance to earn a sum that can be considerable in $Ethereum.

The Official native digital token of Dr Shank "Shankoin" is in development and will be ready to launch by the first quarter of 2023. After Dr Shank's currency is created and deployed, the project will automatically become a DAO. The development of the Golf Metaverse will start soon and is expected to launch by mid/end 2023.
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Airdrop Description

** Among the 9'999 Eagles, Dr. Shank has hidden the names of all the professionals playing on the PGA, LPGA, European Tour and Ladies Europen Tour. Each season, Dr. Shank will select his favorite tournaments and reward the holder of the winning Eagle with $ETH. Based on where your player ends up in the final ranking of the tournament, you can receive the following rewards:


Open the Dr. Shank NFT Airdrop form.

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RT + Like + Tag 3 friends on the pinned Tweet.

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Submit your Ethereum wallet address and details to the Form. Good Luck!


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Airdrop with total of 250 winners! 249x $5 and 1x $250