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Dexpolygon is a DeFi platform which combines a token issuance module that allowing to launch new token and crowdfunding campaign with an embedded DEX AMM inside. Dexpolygon has been designed to facilitate the tokenization of our current DeFi ecosystem for all the stakeholders. Dexpolygon aims to align the interests of entrepreneurs, investors and traders to bring them into a fully decentralized and transparent ecosystem.
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Airdrop Description

• Dexpolygon - Token Constructor
Tokenization your asset and business, use your token in your business, trade it on exchanges
or implement it into global systems.
• Dexpolygon – Launchpad
Find global investors for your project. Identify early stage investment opportunities on
exclusive blockchain projects
• Dexpolygon - DEX AMM
Trade tokens without platform fees or middlemen. Stake and farm to grow your portfolio

How to Join : Finish all task above and get rewards after airdrop program finish


1. Join Our Telegram Group ( 15 DPOLY ) 


2. Join Our Telegram Channel ( 15 DPOLY ) 
3. Follow our official Twitter ( 15 DPOLY 
4. Retweet pinned tweet + Tag 3 friends ( 15 DPOLY )

Additional Taks
1. Hodl at least 10 MATIC ( 20 DPOLY ) 
2. Invite your friend ( 5 DPOLY )


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