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DeltaCryptos explores the full potential of crypto derivatives. Our goal is to create the most innovative cryptocurrency derivatives platform where users of all backgrounds can trade futures & options for Bitcoin and altcoins with multiple expiration dates. DELTAC token is both a utility token and a security token of the DeltaCryptos ecosystem.
12 Dec 2022
End Date
Max. Rewards
≈ 10 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

DeltaCryptos is giving away a total of 1 million DELTAC (worth $100,000) to supporters of our ICO. Follow us on social media an claim up to 100 DELTAC reward (worth $10). The airdrop reward will decrease in each phase of the crowdsale, don't waste your opportunity!


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Donald Moon DeFi
DMD is a cryptocurrency launched by DonaldMoonDeFi,which is produced for active use in global and local travel and tourism networks in the near future.
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Shiba Learn
Imagine being paid to learn. Shiba Learn is the world's first app where you get paid for what you learn. You can earn as much as $340 a month just by taking courses in the following areas: programming, business, English, and other 80 topics posted on the platform. It's easy to start earning. Buy your own NFT character and start earning while you learn, or just borrow someone else's NFT and share the profits with the owner without investing your own capital. Your earnings are accumulated in your digital wallet and can be cashed in real dollars at any time. You can also spend in-game currency to upgrade existing NFTs and create new ones, and that's improving gameplay, increasing your chances of winning PvP or increasing your earning potential. Each NFT character has daily energy, which is converted into training rewards. Each time you give the right answers during training, some of the energy is converted into Shiby tokens. You can then exchange Shiby tokens for USDT or USDC. Shiba Learn is part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem and operates on the Learn-to-earn model.
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What Is FOX INU Coin Fox INU is an ERC-20 token, governance token for Fox INU Project, a DeFi project where users can add liquidity and/or swap the token in Decentralised Exchanges. FOX INU Coin(FOX) is a wealth-growing fintech platform with simplicity and exceptional user experience at the core of its design. Users can grow their wealth using a combination of traditional and DeFi investment solutions on the AI platform. As their wealth grows, they can use it as cash for daily transactions. Moreover, users can stake FOX INU , the native token used on the platform, and earn more. They will benefit from the buyback of tokens when the tokens are burnt and also have a share from the company’s overall profits. Other benefits include reduced fees and the freedom to vote on the governance of the platform. Would you like to be a token holder? What is FOX SWAP Exchange ? This Exchange will be an automated market making exchange interface similar to UNISWAP and SUSHISWAP, And tɾansaction fees (0.1%) this will be different in the way that it enables token liquidity providers to add a maximum impermanent loss threshold to the smart contract when they add liquidity, essentially ensuring trust that they won’t lose 100% of their assets for supporting a project. To be a user of FOX INU Finance Swap exchange you only need to integrate Metamask once and add your FOX INU Tokens to your dashboard wallet. FOX INU SWAP exchange is planned for testing Soon We aim to have it operational by of 2023 30 April. With community driven research and development to help shape the future of the exchange platform
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Solita is a BEP-20 token launched on the Binance Smart Chain Network that was created to reward investors and the token community with large portfolios with static SOLT incentives on every transaction. The term ‘Solita’ was coined from the Italian word “Salita,” which means “rise,” which is precisely the concept for which Salita was developed.
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Token Milky Way
What is Milky Way token? Exchange Milky Way Token is a governance token generated within the Bunker Life Club portal. Within the bunker life club portal you can exchange for MWAY / CSN and use token tramboliko with the products and services offered by the platform. At Bunker Life Club we say goodbye to Scams The Tramboliko token project is governed by the Bunker Life Club platform (The token incubator) Bunker Life Club is a platform that facilitates the creation of token projects and the association of investors for projects under development. In Bunker Life Club you can: – Create ERC20, BEP20, WAVES tokens – Create projects in shared groups – Staking and winning
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Glory Laputa
Glory Laputa is an independent PLAY 2 EARN game, where players can explore a new heroes world to play NFT games and get rewards. This project contains: 1.PVP Battle 2.PVE Adventure 3.AFK Mode (farming) 4.Heroes Breeding 5.NFT STAKING 6.TOKEN STAKING 7.MARKETPLACE x Players CAN TRADE FREELY Glory Laputa is Developed by a creative team with rich gaming & blockchain experiences. Adopting the latest trends and technologies it will create a multi-game platform and blockchain ecosystem that truly owned by players.