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MMA on the Blockchain - dCombat is the first DAO to take fighting sports to the world of DeFi! dCombat combines a 100% decentralized business model based on blockchain technology with high-end MMA entertainment. With one of the most innovative platforms in the industry, the organization is at the forefront of the biggest shift in MMA's history. 3 years in the making, we are proud to present a revolutionary solution that will bridge physical MMA fights by way of content production & delivery with blockchain technology. Equipped with all that any sports fan and investor desires, the platform will be launched as a mobile app. The stylish yet simple design makes it easy to both enjoy fresh content such as live matches and archived video and to make money at the same time. Main features: PLATFORM - THE ON-CHAIN OCTAGON β€’ Full blockchain-centered content platform β€’ Web 3 integration & media protocol standard 100% BLOCKCHAIN POWERED β€’ dCombat's platform is 100% blockchain powered β€’ Ultimate ownership based on DAO (post-launch) β€’ The currency used in the entire ecosystem is crypto-based 100% on-chain & trustless voting systems BETTING MARKET β€’ Place bets (incl. leveraged bets via flash loans & derivative liquidity protocols) β€’ dCombat launches MMA NFTs that can be traded freely β€’ Bet all you have: Users can bet their DAO tokens, NFTs as well as 3rd party altcoins YIELDING β€’ Users can stake their NFTs as collateral for on-chain loans β€’ Users can lock up their dCombat tokens for interest payments of up to 35% per month β€’ dCombat tokens credit dividend payments of 18% for stakes over $5,000 The project is going to launch its second round of fund raising in November 2021. A limited number of tokens will be available for sale at a discounted rate. All proceeds will go towards launching the platform and to convert the project into a full DAO. As a special take-off event, token holders are eligible to participate in dCombat’s MMA launch show in Tbilisi, Georgia in July 2022. The token has a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000. Once they-'re gone they're gone so get in while you can! Visit us at
20 Nov 2021
End Date
100 dCombat
Max. Rewards
β‰ˆ 5 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Our dCombat is going to airdrop $5,000,000 worth of tokens on November 20, 2021. The campaign is still ongoing and requires participants to retweet our twitter handle @dCombat2

For ever retweet, participants earn no less than $5.00 worth of tokens (~100 tokens).


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Airdrop Rewards is 100 BIT Refferal Rewards is 70BIT Airdrops Pool is 2M