BTC $ 6,215.82 -3.45612%
ETH $ 130.1 -2.21535%
MARKET CAP $ 175 bln -2.87%
ICOs 5,788


Ended Airdrop
CoinCasso - world 1st hybrid trading platform.
Our solution combines the advantages of centralized and non-centralized exchanges. To streamline transactions while ensuring full transparency for everyone, we’ve used the innovative “CoinCasso Blockchain” blockchain.
06 Mar 2020
End Date
Max. Rewards
≈ 17.5 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Everyone wins in this competition!
There will be 1 main prize and an unlimited number of guaranteed prizes: 1st place: 1000 CCX tokens, guaranteed prizes: 5

Each Entrant may send an unlimited number of contest applications.
You want to win a grand prize?
Tag as many users as possible. You win if the largest number of people you invite like our fanpage. It's the only way to win the grand pize!



Like the CoinCasso fanpage

Tag 5 or more people under the competition post on the CoinCasso profile. 5 tagged people also have to like our page, only then the participant will win 5 tokens.


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