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Short video platform with GameFi mechanics that brings crypto and social media audiences and trends together. Watch videos, play and get rewarded** ▪️Sustainable economy and working [NUTSon app]( engine launched in 2021. 1.5M users, 33% engagement rate and 15K videos created daily. ▪️Cheelee is for all social media market audience of 4.6 billion people, not just for crypto lovers like other crypto projects. ▪️Besides USD 5M of initial own funds, in its early stage, Cheelee was supported with VC funds’ allocation of USD 1,3M and equity investments of USD 8M. ▪️Our international team consists of entrepreneurs, Web3 experts, and scientists with experience from Meta, Ethereum Foundation, Polygon Technology, Snap Inc (SnapChat).
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Join Cheelee's $5M Token Drop

Hey, avid crypto and Cheelee fans! Are you ready to take part in something extraordinary? The Cheelee team once again outdone themselves and prepared an unforgettable experience for you


Follow Cheelee on social media

Download the Cheelee app and sign up there

Connect your external crypto wallet

Follow Cheelee’s official account inside the app

Get your Starting NFT-glasses, watch the feed and get your first box with tokens!


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