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Active Airdrop
Endowing Users with the Ability to Trade A Variety of Digital Assets on A Secure, Efficient Platform.
31 Mar 2020
End Date
4,000 USDT
Max. Rewards
≈ 4,000 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

To thank BitOffer users for the supporting and following to BitOffer Cryptocurrency ETF, BitOffer will launch the campaign of” ETF Holding Rankings, 10,000 USDT to Giveaway”. We sincerely invite you to participate.


During the campaign, each user who holds 100 units of ETF will automatically participate in the campaign. After the campaign, participators will be ranked according to the ETF holding positions. ETF Holding Positions will be calculated by the total of the ETF holding positions (Including Bitcoin ETF and Ethereum ETF) at 12:00 (UTC+8) every day. The top 50 will get the rewards as follows:

1ST: 4,000 USDT

2ND: 2,000 USDT

3RD: 1,000 USDT

4TH to 10TH: Share 1,000 USDT according to the proportion of holding positions

11thto 20th: Share 800 USDT according to the proportion of holding positions

21stto 30th: Share 600 USDT according to the proportion of holding positions

31stto 40th: Share 400 USDT according to the proportion of holding positions

41stto 50th: Share 200 USDT according to the proportion of holding positions


1. BitOffer reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules at our sole discretion.

2. The rewards will be distributed within 15 working days after the campaign ends Please check the “BitOffer account balance → My wallet”. 

3. Risk warning: ETF is an innovative investment product. Please make your investments with caution. BitOffer will make the best efforts to select high-quality projects for users but will not be responsible for any investment losses.


Hold 100 or more units of ETF.


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