BTC $ 11,777.23 2.19826%
ETH $ 439.28 11.0653%
MARKET CAP $ -100%
ICOs 6,153


Ended Airdrop
BitEsprit is the first all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange that integrates all the services cryptocurrency traders need.

We feature crypto-to-crypto and altcoin-to-fiat trading pairs, intrinsic copy trading platform, advanced charting interface, bank level security (ISO 27001, PCI DSS), among others. With issuing BitEsprit debit cards linked to our users fiat balances, we make it practically seamless for our users to spend the profits they make trading on our platform.

We also undertake to list the tokens of successful ICOs free of charge after a thorough evaluation of the projects, by which we remove the barrier of entry to the trading ecosystem for promising and trusted projects.
03 July 2018
End Date
110 BEC
Max. Rewards
≈ 46.75 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Round 2

Get up to 110 BEC tokens worth around $46,75


Fill in the Google Form and follow the instructions 

Register on BitEsprit website - 10 BEC tokens reward ($4,25 worth)  (Required: fill in your email in registration form)

Join BitEsprit group in Telegram - 10 BEC tokens reward ($4,25 worth)  (Required: fill in your Telegram ID/display name in registration form)

Follow BitEsprit on Twitter + RT our Airdrop Tweet - 10 BEC tokens reward ($4,25 worth) (Required: fill in your twitter ID in registration form)

Like BitEsprit Facebook page + share our Airdrop Post - 10 BEC tokens reward ($4,25 worth) (Required: fill in your Facebook profile URL in registration form)

Follow BitEsprit on Medium + Clap 50x one of our articles - 10 BEC tokens reward ($4,25 worth) (Required: fill in your Medium ID in registration form)

Post a CONSTRUCTIVE post on our [ANN] thread - 10 BEC tokens reward ($4,25 worth) / post - max 3 posts per participant

Post a CONSTRUCTIVE comment on our official Reddit - 10 BEC tokens reward ($4,25 worth) / post - max 2 posts per participant

Answer 3 simple questions (multiple choice questions) about BitEsprit on this questionnaire (check the White Paper to find the answers) - 10 BEC tokens reward ($4,25 worth)


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≈ 30 USD
PointPay is a UK-regulated company that has created an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem of 4 products. The one-stop fintech platform offers a full range of financial services within the first in the world PointPay Blockchain Bank enabling clients to earn daily compound interest on their holdings in bitcoin, dollar stable-coin and tokenized gold; PointPay Crypto Exchange with the custom design layout for traders and simplified cryptocurrency conversion option; PointPay Crypto Wallet designed for daily use by monitoring cryptocurrency price change in customer’s portfolio. PointPay has released PointPay Payment System letting customers settle the payments with their bank cards. Now everyone can conveniently buy and sell crypto for USD, RUB, and UAH with just a few mouse clicks. Just one account needed to start using all the PointPay products. Best Rates for Crypto. Debit and Credits cards. 50% referral bonus.
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A fairly distributed, greener, fee free & instant cryptocurrency designed for mass adoption. Intended to pay: wages, rent, food, bills & everyday purchases. Cutting fiat out of the circle transitioning to the new monetary system with less flaws than traditional cryptocurrencies and government backed fiat. Exposing manipulation in the current system.
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Mini Ethereum
Mini Ethereum is an ecological application platform based on the blockchain value transmission protocol. It links, transfers, as well as improves the circulation and reduces circulation costs of various assets of the ecological application platform through point-to-point value such as entertainment, games, malls, finance, big data and traditional assets. Mini Ethereum is an upgrade from universal blockchain to professional blockchain technology. At present, a complete and effective ecological application platform is created for the linking and circulation of various links in the blockchain ecosystem.
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Endowing Users with the Ability to Trade A Variety of Digital Assets on A Secure, Efficient Platform.
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BitBoost is the fun cryptocurrency rewarding project minting 10 coins per transaction. BitBoost uses a Proof of Transaction smart contact that allows 10 coins to be unlocked after every transaction.
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Geth - develops innovative cryptocurrency solutions. We solve problems and present how others are afraid to do. We are developing an application that includes and will include many services.